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Interstate 4 Eastbound - Orange County

Interstate 4 East
A five-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 4 with Osceola Parkway at the Orange County line. Osceola Parkway consists of a county maintained toll road/arterial (Osceola County 522) from Interstate 4 east to Florida's Turnpike. Westward, the parkway serves Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and the Wide World of Sports complex. Photos taken 01/11/08.
A number of sign changes have occurred with the Interstate 4 widening through to Osceola Parkway. The next suite of photos displays the changes in both sign bridges and overhead panels. Note that Wide World of Sports, the spring training site of the Atlanta Braves baseball franchise, is now only displayed only on auxiliary signage. Photo taken 12/20/06 & 01/18/08.
The Hurricane Charley-damaged overhead for Exit 67 and the adjacent Exit 65 panel were replaced by 2008. Downtown Disney is accessible from Exit 67 but now only displayed on the previously pictured auxiliary guide sign. Downtown Disney represents a shopping and entertainment complex west of Interstate 4 between Epcot Center Drive and Florida 535 (S. Apopka-Vineland Road). Photo taken 03/12/06 & 01/18/08.
Exit 65 consists of a single off-ramp to Osceola Parkway east and west. Osceola Parkway straddles the county line between Interstate 4 and the Animal Kingdom as an expressway with connections to Victory Way, World Drive, West Buena Vista Drive, and Savannah Circle to the various Disney attractions. Osceola County 522 continues east from Florida's Turnpike via Dart Boulevard to Buenaventura Lakes and Osceola County 530 (Boggy Creek Road). Photo taken 03/12/06 & 01/18/08.
Exit 67 to Florida 536 east and Epcot Center Drive west departs soon after the Osceola Parkway interchange. Interests to the Orlando World Center development along South International Drive should use Florida 536 east to Continental Gateway or World Center Drive. Photo taken 03/12/06.
A pair of lanes depart Interstate 4 eastbound for the Exit 67 distributor roadway to Florida 536 east and Epcot Center Drive. Florida 536 begins at Interstate 4 and travels east from Exit 67 to junction Florida 535 (Vineland Road) and its merge onto Florida 417 Toll (Central Florida Greeneway) east of International Drive. Note that Downtown Disney was greened out on the final two Exit 67 overheads by 2008. Photos taken 03/12/06 & 01/18/08.
Eastbound at the Exit 67 ramp departure to Florida 536 east and Epcot Center Drive. Epcot Center Drive continues the Florida 536 roadway northwest to Epcot Center itself and World Drive at Bay Lake. Exits along the roadway serve the Downtown Disney resort and shopping district via East Buena Vista Drive and Disney Vacation Club Way. Photo taken 03/12/06 & 01/18/08.

Peering southeast from Interstate 4 at the end of the Exit 65 off-ramp to Osceola Parkway. A high flyover carries motorists onto Interstate 4 east from the parkway east. Exit 67 travels over the Exit 65 on-ramp. Photo taken 03/12/06.
Once onto the Exit 67 distributor roadway, signs guide motorists destined for the south International Drive resort area onto Florida 536 east. International Drive begins at Florida 536 prior to its partial "Y" interchange merge onto Florida 417 Toll north. International Drive winds northward, parallel to Interstate 4 between south Orange County and southwest Orlando near Tangelo Park. Photo taken 12/20/06.
Exit 67 partitions into the respective ramps for Florida 536 east to South International Drive and Epcot Center Drive west to Epcot Center and Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney entails the Disney owned incorporated city of Lake Buena Vista. Bay Lake to the west is also owned by the Walt Disney Corporation. Photo taken 12/20/06.
A last pull-through overhead lies over the loop ramp onto Epcot Center Drive westbound. Epcot Center Drive provides direct access to the Epcot Center complex area ahead of its trumpet interchange with World Drive. World Drive enters the Magic Kingdom area north of the Epcot Center Drive end. Photo taken 03/12/06.
Florida 535 (Vineland Road) crosses paths with Interstate 4 at the Exit 68 partial-cloverleaf interchange. The state road travels a short distance between U.S. 192 in Osceola County to the nearby intersection of Palm Parkway with Apopka-Vineland Road. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Interstate 4 eastbound at the Exit 68 ramp departure to Florida 535 (Vineland Road). Vineland Road carries the state road southward to Lake Bryan and its associated resort areas. Northward Florida 535 ends at junction Orange County 535 (Winter Garden-Vineland Road) and Palm Parkway. Apopka-Vineland Road continues north from that intersection to Vineland, while Orange County 535 heads west into Lake Buena Vista. Palm Parkway parallels Interstate 4 between Florida 535 and Turkey Lake Road. Photo taken 12/29/05.
International Drive serves the resort and shopping areas along the Interstate 4 corridor in southern Orange County. The north-south roadway is accessible from Exits 71 through 75A. Photo taken 07/28/06.
Exit 71 formally serves Central Florida Parkway between its intersections with Turkey Lake Road and Westwood Boulevard. Guide signs however simply indicate it as the exit to Sea World. Central Florida Parkway otherwise ventures east from Interstate 4 to Williamsburg and Taft. Photo taken 12/29/05.
The interchange with Central Florida Parkway consists of a half-diamond with an additional westbound to westbound flyover. Therefore there is no return access to Interstate 4 east. Central Florida Parkway meets Sea Harbor Drive and the Sea World complex a short distance east of the freeway and Westwood Boulevard. International Drive crosses paths with the parkway in one mile. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Eastbound at the Exit 71 off-ramp to Central Florida Parkway and Sea World. Westwood Boulevard loops north and west from International Drive through the shopping and office district along Interstate 4. Sea Harbor Drive acts as a connector between the parkway and International Drive. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Florida 528 Toll (Martin Anderson Beachline Expressway) provides access to International Drive and the Orange County Convention Center via its first interchange (Exit 1). Florida 528 begins at Exit 72. Photo taken 03/12/06.
Florida 528, originally known as the Bee Line Expressway, joins the Orlando metro area with Interstate 95, and Cape Canaveral. Bee Line Expressway was renamed Beach Line Expressway to promote tourism. Bee Line's origins stemmed from the fact that Florida 528 Toll provided a straight shot to the Space Coast from Orlando. The east-west toll road travels 37 miles to its split with Florida 407 for interests to Titusville and New Smyrna Beach, and 40 miles to junction Interstate 95. Florida 528 Toll itself meets U.S. 1 at Cocoa along the Indian River Lagoon. Photo taken 07/28/06.
Eastbound at the unstacked directional interchange with Florida 528 Toll's eastbound beginning. Beachline Expressway travels through the southern reaches of greater Orlando through Taft, Belle Isle, Conway, and southeast Orlando city. The toll road serves Orlando International Airport at Exit 11. Photo taken 07/28/06.
Universal Studios, another in the long line of Orlando area attractions, lies north of Interstate 4 along Universal Boulevard. Three interchanges serve the complex from the eastbound freeway. They are Exit 74A to Florida 482, Exit 75A directly to Universal Boulevard, and Exit 75B onto Florida 435 north. Photo taken 07/28/06.
Florida 482 begins at the nearby Turkey Lake Road (Orange County 439 north) and travels east to Pine Castle and Belle Isle along Sand Lake Road. The state road merges onto Florida 528 Toll at its eastern terminus. Photo taken 07/28/06.
Interstate 4 eastbound at the Exit 74A partial-cloverleaf interchange with Florida 482 (Sand Lake Road). Use Sand Lake Road east to International Drive and Universal Boulevard. Sand Lake Road continues west of Orange County 439 (Turkey Lake Road) to Dr. Phillips Boulevard and Apopka-Vineland Road near Islesworth. Photo taken 12/29/05.
A parting shot of the Interstate 4 freeway from the Exit 74A off-ramp. Interests to Universal Studios are advised to travel west on Sand Lake Road to Turkey Lake Road north. Turkey Lake Road straddles the western reaches of Universal Orlando at Universal Studios Plaza. Orange County 439 follows the road north to Conroy-Windermere Road west. Photo taken 07/28/06.
Continuing east, Interstate 4 meets Florida 435 (Kirkman Road) at a wide directional interchange (Exits 75A/B). The state road begins at the Kirkman Road interchange with Florida 482 (Sand Lake Road) and ends at junction Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive) at Pine Hills. Variable message boards attached to the Exit 75 overheads display the best route to Universal Orlando and other area attractions. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Exit 74B consists of a left-hand off-ramp onto Florida 435 (Kirkman Road) northbound to Major Boulevard, Vineland Road, and Conroy Road nearby. Use the arterial north for the campus of Valencia Community College. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Motorists bound for Florida 435 (Kirkman Road) southbound must use Universal Boulevard south to International Drive east to access the state road. Exit 74A departs Interstate 4 near the Wet 'N Wild theme park to Universal Boulevard. Florida 435 south otherwise meets Carrier Drive ahead of the end with Florida 482 (Sand Lake Road). Photo taken 12/29/05.
Kirkman Road southbound travels over Interstate 4 eastbound at the Exit 74B ramp departure onto Florida 435 north. Florida 435 travels just east of Universal Orlando and Turkey Lake on the five-mile drive to junction Florida 408 Toll (Holland East-West Expressway) and Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive). Photo taken 01/18/08.
Florida's Turnpike meets Interstate 4 at one of its five Orlando area interchanges. The north-south toll road acts as a conduit to Orlando for motorists from the Interstate 75 corridor north to Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, and points northwest. Florida's Turnpike ends 50 miles north at Interstate 75, a point 20 miles south of Ocala. Photo taken 01/18/08.
An upcoming exits sign takes the place of the 0.50-mile guide sign for Exit 77. Trumpet interchanges lie at the end of an access road between Florida's Turnpike and Interstate 4 ahead. Florida's Turnpike continues south from Orlando to West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and greater Miami. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Exit 77 leaves Interstate 4 eastbound at the Florida's Turnpike over crossing. Florida's Turnpike heads 221 miles south to the Golden Glades Interchange with Interstate 95, Florida 826 (Palmetto Expressway), and U.S. 441 & Florida 7. The turnpike is similar to the Pennsylvania Turnpike and New York Thruway in that there are few interchanges and tolls are levied via a ticketed system. Photo taken 01/18/08.
Interstate 4's control city reverts to Downtown Orlando instead of Daytona Beach on the one-half mile approach to Exit 78 (Conroy Road). Conroy Road meets the freeway just outside of the Orlando city limits. Photo taken 12/29/05.
A two-lane off-ramp departs Interstate 4 eastbound for Conroy Road, an east-west arterial between Florida 435 (Kirkman Road) and Orange county 423 (John Young Parkway). Conroy Road serves the Mall of Millennia and the Holy Land Experience among other attractions nearby. Photo taken 12/29/05.
The Conroy Road overpass acts as a gateway to Orlando complete with ornamental fixtures and fencing. A similar bridge exists over Interstate 95 on the approach to Jacksonville. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Construction underway along Interstate 4 at Exit 79 upgrades the diamond interchange with new ramps serving John Young Parkway from the westbound freeway. John Young Parkway (Orange County 423) provides a major commercial arterial through south Orlando and Williamsburg. North of Interstate 4, Orange County 423 follows the parkway to west Orlando and junction U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) at Lee Road. Orange County 423 upgrades to Florida 423 north of Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive). Photo taken 12/29/05.
Interstate 4 kinks eastward to junction U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail) at Exit 80A. Orange Blossom Trail comprises an urban arterial through central Orlando. U.S. 17-92-441 share pavement northward from Kissimmee to West Colonial Drive (Florida 50) 2.5 miles north of Exit 80A. A directional-cloverleaf interchange joins the highways at the Rio Grande community of the city. Photo taken 07/28/06
Rio Grande Avenue passes underneath Interstate 4 eastbound ahead of the Exit 80A ramp departure to U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail). Orange Blossom Trail intersects Michigan Street just north of the freeway and Holden Avenue one mile to the south. Drivers merging onto Interstate 4 from Orange county 423 form the auxiliary lane to Exit 80A. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Exit 80A departs Interstate 4 east onto U.S. 17 & 441 south and 92 west (Orange Blossom Trail). The federal highway trio ventures south to Edgewood and the Lake Jessamine area. Photo taken 12/29/05.
A loop ramp carries motorists onto Orange Blossom Trail northbound to the Rio Grande Terrace community near Clear Lake. U.S. 17-92-441 meet the Holland East-West Expressway in 1.5 miles near the Florida Citrus Bowl.Use Exit 80A to access Michigan Street east to Lake Holden (Exit 81A consists of a half-diamond interchange with Michigan Street from Interstate 4 west). Photo taken 12/29/05.
Interstate 4 turns northward again in time to interchange with Kaley Street (Exits 81B/C). Kaley Street travels east-west from Rio Grande Terrace to Peel Avenue. Orange Avenue (Florida 527) intersects Kaley Street one half mile to the east. Use Kaley Street west for Paramore Avenue north. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Nearing the Exit 82A trumpet interchange with the access road to Florida 408 Toll (Holland East-West Expressway). Exit 82B does not exist, but an eastbound off-ramp originally departed for Gore Street. Use Kaley Street east to Division Street north for Gore Street now. Photo taken 07/28/06
An exit-only lane departs Interstate 4 east from the Exit 81C on-ramp to Florida 408 Toll. The Holland East-West Expressway was constructed as a bypass route to Florida 50 (Colonial Drive) originally. Extensions to the toll road serve suburbs further out from the central business district. Additionally a direct connection to Florida's Turnpike adds to the usefulness of Florida 408 Toll. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Nearing the Exit 82A off-ramp to downtown Orlando along Interstate 4 east. Exit 81A leaves here for the trumpet interchange with Florida 408 Toll. No tolls are collected at the interchange, but toll plazas exist further west and east along the Holland East-West Expressway mainline. Also in the works is a major project to replace the aging connection between both roadways with a high-speed stack interchange. Work commenced during Summer 2006 and will be completed by sometime in 2009. See for details of the project. Photo taken 07/28/06
Traveling the connector between the two trumpet interchanges to Florida 408 Toll. Florida 408 Toll west heads to Pine Hills, Orlo Vista, and Ocoee. Eastbound toll road drivers continue through Orlando to Orlando Executive Airport, Union Park and University Park. Photo taken 07/28/06
Interstate 4 passes over Gore Street and Division Avenue ahead of the Exit 82C off-ramp into downtown Orlando. Anderson Street acts as a frontage street to the Holland East-West Expressway from U.S. 17-92-441 east to Lake Underhill. Exit 82C joins Anderson Street east at Boone Avenue. Photo taken 12/30/06.
Downtown high rises compose the northern landscape of Interstate 4 as it enters the Orlando central business district. The freeway dives below Florida 408 Toll after the Exit 82C ramp departure to Anderson Street east. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Drivers bound for downtown Orlando depart Interstate 4 east at Exit 82C. Anderson Street provides the movements to Florida 527 (Magnolia Avenue) north through downtown and south (Orange Avenue) to Lake Lucerne and Gore Street. Alternatively motorists may access Magnolia Avenue north via Florida 408 Toll east and its ramp to Lake Lucerne and Florida 527 north (the connection is free from the Interstate 4 trumpet interchange). Photo taken 12/29/05.
A couple new high rises join the Orlando skyline by the end of 2006. Work on the new Interstate 4 and Florida 408 Toll stack interchange results in the removal of the nearby Exit 83A off-ramp to Florida 526 as evident with the removal of the Robinson Street overhead pictured above. Photo taken 12/30/06.
Interstate 4 passes under Anderson Street and then ascends northward onto an elevated viaduct between Hughey and Garland Avenues. Florida 526 ties into the freeway via its parallel frontage streets at Exit 83A. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Exit 83A descends from Interstate 4 into the Garland Street intersection with Florida 526 (Robinson Street). Florida 526 follows Washington Street east from U.S. 17-92-441 to the couplet with Hughey and Garland Avenues to make the dogleg to Robinson Street. Robinson Street straddles the northern reaches of the Orlando central business district. Use Exit 83A to the Orlando Centroplex, including Bob Carr Municipal Auditorium and the T.D. Waterhouse Center (home of the NBA's Orlando Magic). Photo taken 12/29/05.
U.S. 17 & 92 turn east from Orange Blossom Trail onto West Colonial Drive (Florida 50) near Spring Lake. The trio travel east to junction Interstate 4 at Lake Concord and the Exit 83B partial-cloverleaf interchange. Amelia Street travels west from the Exit 83B off-ramp to the Orlando Centroplex entertainment area. Photo taken 12/29/05.

Exit 83B descends from Interstate 4 eastbound onto the parallel Garland Avenue north at Amelia Avenue, two blocks south of U.S. 17-92 & Florida 50 (Colonial Drive). Colonial Drive heads west one mile to junction U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) and four miles to Pine Hills. U.S. 17 & 92 part ways with Florida 50 one mile east at Mills Avenue. East Colonial Drive continues to Orlando Executive Airport and the eastern suburbs as a busy arterial. U.S. 17 & 92 parallel Interstate 4 northward to Winter Park.
Construction begins in 2006 to replace the Colonial Drive partial-cloverleaf interchange with a single point urban interchange (SPUI). Photo taken 12/29/05.

Interstate 4 hugs the eastern shore of Lake Concord on the short drive between Colonial Drive and Exit 84 (Ivanhoe Boulevard). Merging traffic from U.S. 17-92 & Florida 50 forms the exit-only lane to Ivanhoe Boulevard (unsigned Orange county 424). Photo taken 12/29/05.
Variable speed limits are in place along Interstate 4 north of downtown Orlando. Pictured here is the approach to the Ivanhoe Boulevard loop ramp (Exit 84). Ivanhoe Boulevard links Legion Place and Florida 527 (Orange Avenue) with Lakeview Street. Lakeview Street carries unsigned Orange County 424 west to Edgewater Drive. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Eastbound at the Exit 84 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Ivanhoe Boulevard. Florida 527 follows Orange Avenue east from Ivanhoe Boulevard to Virginia Drive and Clay Street. Ivanhoe Boulevard west hugs the shores of Lake Ivanhoe between Lakeview Street and Poinsettia Avenue. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Interstate 4 bisects Lake Ivanhoe on the one-mile drive to Exit 85 with Princeton Street. Princeton Street serves the College Park neighborhood of Orlando to the west. Photo taken 12/29/05.
A unique variable message recreational sign highlights the attractions of north Orlando to Interstate 4 motorists at Exit 85. East of Interstate 4 lies Loch Haven Park, the Antique District, the Orlando Science Center, and the Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens among other points of interest. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Princeton Street meets Interstate 4 at a diamond interchange east of Orange Avenue (Florida 527). Princeton Street meets unsigned Orange County 424 (Edgewater Drive) at College Park 0.8 miles to the west. Princeton Street continues west to junction U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) and Fairvilla where it becomes part of Florida 438. Photo taken 12/29/05.
The next three interchanges of Interstate 4 east serve the city of Winter Park. Up next is the half-diamond interchange with Park Street (Exit 86). Par Street travels a short distance between Clay Street nearby and Florida 424 (Edgewater Drive). Photo taken 12/29/05.
Passing over Winter Park Street on the approach to Exit 86 and Par Street on Interstate 4 east. Use Par Street east to Clay Street and Florida 527 (Orange Avenue) for Winter Park. Winter Park encompasses the Lakes Virginia, Osceola, Maitland among others. The city was established as a winter resort for wealthy northerners in 1887 and it became a city in 1925. In more recent history, a large sinkhole swallowed almost an entire city block in 1981. Winter Park acquired the land around the city hole, stabilized it, and turned the 90-feet deep hole into a man-made lake.1 Photo taken 12/29/05.
Eastbound at the Exit 86 ramp departure to Par Street. Par Street west ends at Florida 424 (Edgewater Drive) just south of its intersection with Maury Road. Maury Road heads west to Lake Silver and Silver Star Road (Florida 416). Photo taken 12/29/05.
0.75-miles southeast of the Exit 87 diamond interchange with Florida 426 (Fairbanks Avenue). Fairbanks Avenue serves central Winter Park to the east and the Lake Fairview area to the west. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Centerline mileage sign featuring the distance to Fairbanks Avenue, Florida 423 (Lee Road), and the city of Maitland. Use Florida 426 east for the campus of Rollins College. Photo taken 12/30/06.
Interstate 4 bends northwest at the interchange with Florida 426 (Fairbanks Avenue). Florida 426 travels overall between Florida 424 (Edgewater Drive) to junction Florida 419 & 434 (Central Avenue) at Oviedo. Photo taken 12/29/05.
While the mainline shields omit the fact that Fairbanks Avenue is a part of Florida 426, shields lie at the end of the Exit 87 off-ramp. Florida 426 travels east along Fairbanks Avenue to Aloma Avenue through Goldenrod and Oviedo Road northeast through Jamestown, Slavia and West Broadway Street in Oviedo. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Interstate 4 curves northward to the Exit 88 diamond interchange with Florida 423 (Lee Road). Motorists destined for the Eatonville Historic District should use Wymore Road north to Orange County 438 (Kennedy Boulevard) east. Use Florida 423 east to its terminus at junction U.S. 17 & 92 (Orange Avenue) for Winter Park. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Florida 423 (Lee Road) continues west from Exit 88 to junction Florida 424 (Edgewater Drive) south of the Eatonville city limits. Lee Road ends at junction U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) and its transition into John Young Parkway. Florida 423 follows the parkway south to Florida 50 (Colonial Drive) near Pine Hills. Photo taken 12/30/06.
Eastbound at the Exit 88 ramp departure to Florida 423 (Lee Road). Lee Road meets Wymore Road adjacent to the interchange; Wymore Road parallels Interstate 4 northward from Florida 426 (Fairbanks Avenue) to Kennedy Boulevard, Florida 414 (Maitland Boulevard), and Oranole Road at the county line. Use Wymore Road north for central Eatonville. Photo taken 12/30/06.
Interstate 4 passes through Eatonville on the approach to Exits 90A/B (Florida 414). Florida 414 (Maitland Boulevard meets the freeway at a directional cloverleaf interchange near Maitland. The last Orange County exit serves the Maitland Art Center and the RDV Sportsplex. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Entering the Exit 90 interchange with Florida 414 (Maitland Boulevard) on Interstate 4 east. Maitland Boulevard ventures 1.75 miles east to Maitland Avenue (Orange County 427) and a trumpet interchange with U.S. 17 & 92 (Dixie Highway) near the county line. Orange County 427 and U.S. 17-92 head northward into Fern Park and southward into Maitland. Photo taken 12/30/06.
Exit 90B consists of a directional ramp that loops over Interstate 4 to join the westbound ramp at Florida 414. Florida 414 (Maitland Boulevard) travels west as a busy arterial to Lockhart and junction U.S. 441 at present. Maitland Boulevard straddles the Seminole County line from a new SPUI with Florida 434 (Forest City Road) to Bear Lake Road / Rose Avenue. Further west, plans are underway to built the John Land Apopka Expressway. Designated Florida 414 Toll, the new freeway will act as a bypass for U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) around Piedmont and Apopka through to the Zellwood Station area. Construction is underway and the first phase of the toll road should in February 2009. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Wymore Road / Oranole Road passes over Interstate 4 at the Seminole County line. The freeway enters the city of Altamonte Springs here. Photo taken 12/29/05.


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