Turner McDonald Parkway

Georgia 400 is a major north-south freeway from Interstate 85 northeast of downtown Atlanta north to Coal Mountain via Cumming. The section between Interstate 85 and Interstate 285 is partially tolled, while the original section north of Interstate 285 (known as the Turner McDonald Parkway) is not tolled.

Georgia Toll 400, the section of Georgia 400 between Interstate 85/Georgia 13 and Interstate 285 passes through the Buckhead portion of the city before meeting the perimeter (Interstate 285). A mainline toll plaza collects fees between the Exit 2 and 3 interchanges.

Opened in the late 1980s, Georgia Toll 400 is the only segment of the Interstate 475, 675, and 485 freeway projects planned for east central Atlanta to be constructed. Georgia 400 was originally planned as a north-south freeway that would connect and incorporate today's Georgia 400 and today's Interstate 675 into one long freeway corridor. Originally Georgia 400 was billed as Interstate 475, and it was later split into Interstate 675 south of unconstructed Interstate 420 and Interstate 485 north of U.S. 29-78-278. Georgia Toll 400 follows the northern third of the abandoned alignment of unconstructed Interstate 475 (which would have connected to the northern end of Interstate 485 before it, too, was canceled).

Continuing north of Interstate 285, Georgia 400 changes into an untolled freeway. Picking up U.S. 19, the 29-mile Georgia 400/Turner McDonald Parkway segment north of Interstate 285 opened in stages during the 1960s and 1970s, and it continues as a freeway all the way north to Georgia 306.

Georgia Toll 400 North
The northbound beginning of the Georgia Toll 400 as it leaves Interstate 85 northbound via Exit 87. There is no direct access from Interstate 85 southbound to Georgia Toll 400 northbound. The flyover entering from the west is part of the Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transit Authority (MARTA) rail system. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Interchanges are numbered sequentially along Georgia Toll 400. Exit 1 is a folded diamond interchange with Georgia 13 and Sidney Marcus Boulevard. The first northbound off-ramp is Exit 2 with Georgia Connector 141 (Lenox Road). Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia Toll 400 snakes through the Buckhead section of the city near the Lenox Square Mall. The high rises to the east are part of the sprawling shopping complex. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Continuing toward the Lenox Square Mall tunnel on Georgia Toll 400. Sound barriers and other landscaping techniques shuttle the tollway northward below the surrounding terrain. Photo taken 08/22/03.
A generous cut sets the tone for the upcoming tunnel underneath the Lenox Square Mall. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia Toll 400 prepares to travel underneath a parking garage structure above through a six lane tunnel. Exit 2 is the last free exit point from the tollway before the main plaza. Photo taken 08/22/03.
The Exit 2 off-ramp departs Georgia Toll 400 as it emerges from the Lenox Square Mall tunnel. Georgia Connector 141 links Georgia 237 (Piedmont Road) with Georgia 141 (Peachtree Road) via Lenox Road. Peachtree Road crosses over the tollway south Exit 2. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia Toll 400 enters another tunnel like structure at the Georgia Connector 141 - Lenox Road SPUI (single point urban interchange). Photo taken 08/22/03.
Northbound Georgia Toll 400 reassurance shield, posted between the Lenox Road on-ramp and the Old Ivy Road overpass. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Toll schedule overhead for the upcoming toll plaza. As of Summer 2003, all passenger vehicles are charged a 50-cent toll at this main toll plaza. There are no ramp tolls collected along the highway otherwise. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Exit 3 of Georgia Toll 400 is situated just south of Exit 4. Before the tollway travels to that interchange, guide signs are posted for the busy Interstate 285 and U.S. 19 junction (Exits 4A/B). This set of overheads is the first for the directional cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia Toll 400 northbound expands to four lanes in anticipation of the Interstate 285 junction. For some reason, U.S. 19 is not mentioned no these guide signs. Two lanes are allocated for the Perimeter Highway eastbound and the adjacent Glenridge Connector partial cloverleaf interchange (Exit 3). Photo taken 08/22/03.
A collector/distributor roadway carries Exit 3 and 4A traffic from Georgia Toll 400 to the Glenridge Connector and inner loop of the Atlanta Beltway respectively. The Glenridge Connector loops between Peachtree Dunwoody Road northwest to Exit 27 of Interstate 285 and Glenridge Drive. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Northbound at the Johnson Ferry Road overpass. The Exit 4A off-ramp departs the collector/distributor roadway ahead. Traffic entering the freeway from the Glenridge Connector on-ramp merges onto Georgia Toll 400 before the Interstate 285 westbound cloverleaf ramp. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia Toll 400 transitions into U.S. 19 and Georgia 400 northbound at Interstate 285. U.S. 19 enters the Turner McDonald Parkway via Interstate 285 eastbound. Also at this location is the end of the Exit 3 and 4A collector/distributor roadway. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Exit 4B departs for Interstate 285 west and U.S. 19 southbound. Georgia 400 continues 29 miles northward toward the northern Atlanta bedroom communities of Dahlonega (pop. 3,638) and Cumming (pop. 4,220). Photo taken 08/22/03.
U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 (North Fulton Expressway) North
Button copy mileage sign posted after the merge of U.S. 19 northbound onto Georgia 400 from Interstate 285. U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 continue five miles north to the suburb of Roswell and 12 miles to Alpharetta. The North Fulton Expressway talleys 29 miles between the Atlanta Beltway and community of Cumming. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (08/27/04).
The first interchange of U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 northbound joins the North Fulton Expressway with Abernathy Road midway between the communities of Dunwoody and Sandy Springs. A partial-cloverleaf interchange features two ramps (Exits 5A/B) onto the surface highway for northbound travelers. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (08/25/04).
Traffic to Exit 5A and Dunwoody leaves U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 northbound at the Mt. Vernon Highway overcrossing. Abernathy Road intersects Peachtree Dunwoody Road and Mt. Vernon Highway just east of the North Fulton Expressway. The divided highway transitions into Perimeter Center Parkway at Mt. Vernon Highway en route to Perimeter Mall. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (08/27/04).
Northridge Road intersects U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 near the suburb of Roswell. The surface roadway connects the freeway with Georgia 9 (Roswell Road) to the west and Roberts Drive to the east. A partial-cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements between Northridge Road and the North Fulton Expressway at Exit 6. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (08/27/04).
Georgia 140 (Holcomb Bridge Road) meets U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 outside of Roswell at Exits 7A/B. The state highway arcs northwest from Interstate 85 near Norcross to Roswell and Canton in the north Atlanta metropolitan area. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (08/27/04).
U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 cross into Forsyth County from Fulton County ahead of their diamond interchange with McFarland Road (Exit 12). Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign of Exit 12 posted at the Union Hill Road over crossing. McFarland Road travels between McGinnis Ferry Road and Georgia 9 (Atlanta Highway) northeast of Alpharetta. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (08/27/04).
U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 (North Fulton Expressway) South
A partial "Y" interchange composes the junction between U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 southbound with the Marta-North Springs Station. Exit 5C allows southbound commuters access to the MARTA station for the rapid transit line southward into Atlanta itself. Traffic exiting the facility defaults onto the North Fulton Expressway northbound ahead of Northridge Road (Exit 6). Photo taken by J.T. Legg (08/23/04).
Button copy guide sign for the Exit 5 ramp departure of U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 southbound onto Abernathy Road. Abernathy Road travels west from Perimeter Center Parkway and Mt. Vernon Highway to Georgia 9 (Roswell Road) and Johnson Ferry Road. Sandy Springs lies to the west and Dunwoody to the east. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (08/23/04).

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