Georgia 316 / Lawrenceville Freeway

Georgia 316 represents a multi-lane divided highway and freeway between Interstate 85 near Lawrenceville to the Athens Perimeter Highway (Georgia 10 Loop). The western extent of the highway comprises a full freeway between Exit 106 of Interstate 85 to the University Parkway north of Lawrenceville. The four-lane roadway continues east from the freeway as a surface roadway with intersections through to the city of Athens.

Georgia 316 may become a limited access highway throughout the 39-mile drive between Interstate 85 and Athens. The Parkway Group is presently studying the prospects of upgrading the state highway into a toll road facility between Lawrenceville and Athens. The $1 billion project might entail tolls as high as $4.70 for a one-way trip or 12 cents per mile.1

Georgia 316 East
Exit 1 provides a connection to Boggs Road from nearby Interstate 85 on Georgia 316 east. Boggs Road is also accessible directly from Interstate 85 southbound at Exit 106. The north-south roadway joins Georgia 120 (Duluth Highway) with Old Norcross Road to the south. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
The next exit of Georgia 316 eastbound sees a partial-cloverleaf interchange with Sugarloaf Parkway. Sugarloaf Parkway comprises a four-lane divided highway between Old Peachtree Road near Suwanee and U.S. 29 outside of Lawrenceville. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
0.50-mile guide sign for Sugarloaf Parkway (Exit 2) posted on Georgia 316 eastbound. Sugarloaf Parkway loops southeast from the Lawrenceville Freeway to Georgia 20 (Grayson Highway) south of Lawrenceville. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
Georgia 316 eastbound at the ramp departure for Sugarloaf Parkway. Sugarloaf Parkway meets Lake Parkway just north of the freeway and Old Norcross Road just south of Georgia 316. The parkway also sees an interchange with Interstate 85 (Exit 108) to the northwest. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
The Sugarloaf Parkway on-ramp forms an exit-only auxiliary lane for Riverside Parkway (Exit 4) on Georgia 316 eastbound. Riverside Parkway, like Sugarloaf Parkway, comprises a suburban surface route through the Lawrenceville community. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
Georgia 316 eastbound at the Exit 4 diamond interchange with Riverside Parkway. Riverside Parkway travels north from Old Norcross Road to Georgia 316, Georgia 120 (Duluth Highway), and Lawrenceville Suwanee Road. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
The final interchange of the Lawrenceville Freeway (Exit 5) joins Georgia 316 with Georgia 120 (Duluth Highway). The first sign bridge for the diamond interchange resides at the Riverside Parkway overcrossing. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
Georgia 316 eastbound again expands to three lanes between the exits with Riverside Parkway and Georgia 120. Georgia 120 (Duluth Highway) comprises an east-west route between Alpharetta, Duluth, and Lawrenceville. Lawrenceville Suwanee Road passes over the freeway midway between Exits 4 and 5. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
Traffic to Georgia 120 (Duluth Highway) leaves Georgia 316 (Lawrenceville Freeway) eastbound at Gwinnett Medical Center. The Duluth Highway transitions into Pike Street on the eastbound drive into Lawrenceville itself. Georgia 120 ends at U.S. 29 & Georgia 8 in the heart of town. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
One half mile east of Georgia 120 is a turn-off onto Walther Road southbound from Georgia 316 eastbound. Ramps also exist in the westbound direction for the northern segment of Walter Road. The exit however is basically unsignd and of benefit to local traffic. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
Georgia 316 downgrades from a freeway into a four-lane surface arterial ahead of the intersection with Collins Hill Road. A turn lane departs the state route for Collins Hill Road south to Lawrenceville ahead of the signalized intersection. Use Collins Hill Road north for Gwinnett University Center. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).
Georgia 316 (University Parkway) bypasses Lawrenceville to the north and merges with U.S. 29 & Georgia 8 (Winder Highway) east of town. The trio share 30 miles of pavement between Lawrenceville and the Athens Perimeter Highway (Georgia 10 Loop). Pictured here is the first set of reassurance shields posted on the overlap after their merge. Photo taken by J.T. Legg (01/27/05).


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