Florida's Turnpike North - Kissimmee to Wildwood

Northbound Florida's Turnpike
The next three interchanges join the Turnpike with Orlando's freeway / tollway network, including those with Florida 528 Toll (Beachline Expressway), Interstate 4, and Florida 408 Toll (East-West Expressway). Photo taken 04/20/08.
Passing underneath the Central Florida Greeneway on Florida's Turnpike north. Right-of-way is already owned and the interchange plans drawn, but funding remains unavailable for the future Florida 417 Toll interchange near milepost 251. Photo taken 04/20/08.
Exit 254 serves a bevy or routes including Florida 528 Toll (Beachline Expressway) to Orlando International Airport (MCO), U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail), and Landstreet Road (Orange County 528). Photos taken 04/20/08.
A trumpet interchange and connector roadway joins Florida's Turnpike with U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail) at its interchange with Florida 528 Toll (Beachline Expressway). The Beachline Expressway heads seven miles east to Orlando International Airport (MCO) at Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard). Photo taken 04/20/08.
Florida's Turnpike northbound, 1.25 miles south of the Exit 254 off-ramp to Florida 528 Toll and Orange Blossom Trail. U.S. 17-92-441 intersect Landstreet Road (Orange County 528) in the shadow of the Beachline Expressway. Landstreet Road heads east to Taft and Orange County 527 (Orange Avenue) south of Belle Isle. Photo taken 04/20/08.
Florida 528 Toll (Beachline Expressway) west heads four miles to junction Interstate 4, International Drive, and the Orange County Convention Center. Eastward the toll road continues into Brevard County at Cocoa, providing connections from Merritt Island northward to Kennedy Space Center. Photo taken 04/20/08.
Drivers preferring to remain on the Turnpike mainline for travelers services only need continue another eight miles to the Turkey Lake Service Plaza. Photo taken 04/20/08.
Exit 254 leaves Florida's Turnpike northbound and enters a toll plaza before partitioning into ramps for U.S. 17-92-441 north & south and Florida 528 Toll east. Connections onto the Beachline west are mad via Orange Blossom Trail south to Consulate Drive north and its half-diamond interchange with Florida 528 Toll. U.S. 17-92-441 otherwise travel a busy commercial arterial northward into Orlando and south to Kissimmee. Photo taken 04/20/08.
Florida's Turnpike travelers enter a recently expanded (April 2008) eight-lane section of roadway between Florida 528 Toll and junction Interstate 4. Much of the Turnpike through metro Orlando doubles as a commuter route, so expansion is underway northward through to Florida 429 Toll (Webster Beltway). Photo taken 04/20/08.
Florida's Turnpike continues northwest three miles from Florida 528 Toll near Taft to junction Interstate 4 near the Orlando city line. Ocala debuts on the mileage sign. Photo taken 04/20/08.
Interstate 4 represents the only free limited access highway in metro Orlando. The freeway travels southwest to Universal Studios, the International Drive corridor, and Walt Disney World and northeast to Downtown Orlando, Maitland, and Sanford. Photo taken 04/20/08.
Interstate 4 west to Florida 435 (Kirkman Road) south and Florida 482 (Sand Lake Road) west lead drivers to International Drive (locally known as I-Drive). Access to Sea World exists via Florida 528 Toll east from Interstate 4 to its interchange with I-Drive. Photo taken 04/20/08.
The right-hand lane of Florida's Turnpike north is lost to the Exit 259 trumpet interchange to Interstate 4. A second trumpet interchange facilitates movements to Interstate 4 beyond a toll plaza. Interstate 4 overall joins Orlando with Lakeland and Tampa to the west and Deltona and Daytona Beach to the north. Photo taken 04/20/08.
Interstate 4 meets Florida 435 (Kirkman Road) one mile south of Exit 259 and Conroy Road near the Mall of Millennia one mile to the north. Photo taken 04/20/08.
Exit 259 departs Florida's Turnpike northbound at the Oak Ridge Road overpass. Interstate 4 heads northeast seven miles to downtown Orlando and eight miles southwest to Lake Buena Vista (Walt Disney World). Photo taken 04/20/08.
Pushing northwest, Florida's Turnpike meets toll roads at the next two interchange. The upcoming mileage sign here does not reflect the 2005 opening of the Florida 408 Toll eastbound ramp at Exit 265. Photo taken 01/14/08.
Turkey Lake Service Plaza derives its name from nearby Turkey Lake. The facility provides fuel, food, and tourist information and resides within the median of Florida's Turnpike. Photos taken 01/14/08.
The next northbound exit joins Florida's Turnpike with Florida 408 Toll (East-West Expressway) at Exit 265. Florida 408 Toll ventures east to Pine Hills and Downtown Orlando, providing a bypass route to Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive). Photo taken 01/14/08.
Expansion of Florida's Turnpike through west Orlando and the Gotha areas includes the installation of sound walls. Exit 265 originally consisted of a wye interchange with Florida 408 Toll that provided no access to the Turnpike south or from the Turnpike north. Photo taken 01/14/08.
Florida 408 Toll begins and travels east from Exit 265 to still growing suburbs of west Orlando including those around Pine Hills and Orlo Vista. Downtown is reached in ten miles via the East-West Expressway. Photo taken 01/14/08.
Drivers bound for Good Homes Road or Hiawassee Road in the Ocoee and Pine Hills area depart Florida's Turnpike north for Florida 408 Toll east. Before the ramp opened here, an interchange was planned between the Turnpike and Hiawassee Road directly. That interchange may come later, but for now Exit 265 does the job. Photo taken 01/14/08.
After the nearly stacked tri-level interchange with Exit 265, Florida's Turnpike curves westward toward the double interchange with Florida 429 Toll (Daniel Webster Western Beltway) and Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive). Exit 267B represents the original trumpet interchange with West Colonial Drive at Ocoee. Exit 267A was added in the 2000s with the Western Beltway around the original exit. Construction is underway to widen Florida's Turnpike between Exit 265 and 267B as of April 2008. Photo taken 12/13/07.
Florida's Turnpike briefly carries six lanes between Florida 408 Toll and Florida 429 Toll. Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive) represents a busy commercial arterial leading west from central Orlando to Ocoee, Winter Garden, and Oakland. Florida 429 Toll constitutes Orlando's west metropolitan bypass, though much of the route exists to serve growing suburbs and the related commuting interests. Photo taken 12/13/07.
Exit 267A departs Florida's Turnpike north and carries drivers bound for the Western Beltway in unison. The Tampa greenout was added with the December 2006 completion of the Western Beltway south to Interstate 4 in northern Osceola County. Photo taken 12/13/07.
Parting shot of the Exit 267B overheads for Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive) at Ocoee. Florida 50 stays south of downtown en route to Winter Garden to the west and Pine Hills to the east. Photo taken 12/13/07.
High-level flyover ramps carry drivers to Florida 429 Toll north and south over both Florida's Turnpike and Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive). Florida 429 Toll north continues 11 miles to its end at U.S. 441 near downtown Apopka. Planning is underway to extend the road northward into Lake and Seminole Counties along the Wekiva Parkway. Southward, Florida 429 Toll cuts across southern Winter Garden en route to Walt Disney World and Interstate 4 near the Polk County line. Photo taken 12/13/07.
Florida 429 Toll continues north one mile to Florida 438 (Plant Street) in Winter Garden and Ocoee and south three miles to Orange County 535 in south Winter Garden near Beulah. Photo taken 12/13/07.
Traveling under the Florida 429 Toll (Western Beltway) mainline and flyover ramps of Exit 267B on Florida's Turnpike north. Photos taken 04/28/08.
The final Orange County interchange joins Florida's Turnpike with Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive) at the city of Oakland. Beyond Exit 272 is U.S. 27 in Lake County. Photo taken 04/28/08.
Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive) continues west from Ocoee into Winter Garden and Oakland, meeting Florida's Turnpike at the Exit 272 parclo interchange near the Lake County line. Photo taken 04/28/08.
ne mile east of the Exit 272 off-ramp to Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive). Colonial Drive generally consists of a commercial arterial throughout most of Orange County. The theme of Florida 50 continues in a growing fashion as the state road exits Orange County for Clermont. Photo taken 04/28/08.
Florida's Turnpike begins its northwesterly trajectory toward Wildwood and junction Interstate 75 beyond Winter Garden and Oakland. Thus the next westbound interchange lies 13 miles away. Therefore motorists bound for Clermont should take Florida 50 west into the fast growing city. Photo taken 04/28/08.
Nearing the 4th Street overpass and Exit 272 ramp departure to Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive). Downtown Oakland lies just northeast of the interchange; Clermont meanwhile is a six mile drive west on Florida 50 at U.S. 27. Photo taken 04/28/08.
Northbound reassurance shield posted between Florida 50 and the Oakland Avenue and West Orange rail Trail overpasses. Photo taken 04/28/08.
The two of the last three exits of Florida's Turnpike are highlighted on this mileage sign. Ocala remains a 60 mile drive northward via Interstate 75 from the county line. Photo taken 04/28/08.
Entering the second to last county of Florida's Turnpike northbound. Lake County derives its name from the more than 1,400 named lakes found within its boundaries. Photo taken 04/28/08.
Some of the most scenic stretches of Florida's Turnpike are found within Lake County. Low rolling hills that represent the tallest elevations on Peninsular Florida surround the areas west of Lake Apopka near Clermont. Among the hills is Sugarloaf Mountain, at 312 feet above sea level, the tallest elevation on the peninsula. Unfortunately for drivers, many of the adjacent hill tops are succombing to suburban sprawl associated with the explosive growth of Clermont and Leesburg. There is one hill top to the southwest that is completely inundated with cookie cutter homes already. Photos taken 04/28/08.
Next in line for northbound drivers is the Exit 285 trumpet interchange to U.S. 27 (Claude Pepper Memorial Highway) at Florida 19 (Howey Road). Photo taken 04/28/08.
Clermont and Leesburg represent the U.S. 27 destinations, while Florida 19 joins the Turnpike with Howey-In-The-Hills and the Lake County seat of Taveras to the north and Groveland (Florida 50) to the southwest. Photo taken 04/28/08.
One mile out from the Exit 285 ramp departure to U.S. 27 and Florida 19. Both highways interchange just south of the Exit 285 access road in an unincorporated area midway between Clermont and Leesburg. Photo taken 04/28/08.
Exit 285 departs Florida's Turnpike northbound for U.S. 27 (Claude Pepper Memorial Highway) and Florida 19 (Howey Road). U.S. 27 continues alongside Florida's Turnpike four miles to the Exit 289 half-diamond interchange. Florida 19 heads south seven miles to Groveland and six miles north to Howey-In-The-Hills. A loop ramp originally carried drivers onto the Turnpike northbound at Exit 285, but that movement was relocated to Exit 289, as was the southbound off-ramp to U.S. 27 & Florida 19. Photo taken 04/28/08.
With half the movements removed from Exit 285, the former trumpet acts like a wye interchange. Traveling the northbound ramp, passenger vehicles are first charged $1.25 ($1.00 for SunPass account holders) before entering a signalized intersection with U.S. 27 at the ramps to Florida 19 southbound. A northbound trailblazer directs motorists four miles north to the Exit 289 on-ramp. The Turnpike mainline otherwise includes the final toll plaza charging $2.50 per passenger vehicle (discounted for SunPass users). Photos taken 04/28/08.
Much farther to the north, the Florida's Turnpike System reaches its end point where the turnpike mainline transitions directly onto northbound Interstate 75 near Wildwood. Photo taken 11/06/03.

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