Florida 997

Florida 997 connects U.S. 1 in Homestead with U.S. 27 northwest of Hialeah, skirting the western fringes of the Miami metropolitan area. The highway passes through undeveloped rural and agricultural areas. Hurricane Andrew in August 1992 devastated the area around Homestead, and Florida 997 passes through the heart of this area. Known as Krome Avenue, Florida 997 is 36.7 miles long and was known as Florida 27 until the late 1980s. The designation of Florida 27 was changed to Florida 997 and Florida 9336 in order to reduce the confusion between U.S. 27 and Florida 27.

Florida 997 south
Florida 997 is a busy two-lane highway, cutting through the swamp just south of U.S. 41 and west of Sweetwater and West Miami. Photo taken 12/28/03.
SouthbounD Florida 997/Krome Avenue reaches Florida 94/Kendall Drive (S.W. 88th Street), which travels east into the metropolitan area. Note the lack of directional arrows on this shield assembly. Florida 94 ends at U.S. 1 in the vicinity of Kendall and Pinecrest southwest of downtown Miami. From here southward, Florida 997 enters civilization, as the land changes from rural swamp into agriculture. Photo taken 12/28/03.
After the Florida 94 intersection, Florida 997 continues south, passing by a series of sugar cane plantations. Photo taken 12/28/03.
An elaborate system of canals and irrigation ditches convey water across the urban, rural, and agricultural areas of South Florida. The South Florida Water Management District manages this system and is responsible for providing water and flood control to the areas in South Florida, including Miami-Dade, Monroe, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. The diversion dam to the right (west) of Florida 997 provides some flood control, as well as the levee system. Photo taken 12/28/03.
The next major intersection is Florida 994, which follows Quail Roost Drive (S.W. 200th Street) east to Cutler Ridge, where it meets the Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike. Florida 994 ends at U.S. 1 south of Perrine. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Quail Roost Drive is a major east-west corridor that is signed as Florida 994, and it connects Florida 997 with U.S. 1 (Florida 5/Dixie Highway). Photo taken 12/28/03.
This intersection marks the western terminus of Florida 994. Rather than span wire traffic signals, which are common elsewhere in the state, most of the traffic signals along Florida 997 are mounted on poles such as these, with signal heads mounted sideways. Photo taken 12/28/03.
This Florida 997 shield is located along southbound after the Florida 994 intersection. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Here is a closer look at one of the traffic signals along Florida 997 that feature mast arms with horizontally mounted traffic signal heads. This one is found on southbound Krome Avenue at S.W. 232nd Street. Florida 997 enters Redland. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Sixteen blocks south of S.W. 232nd Street, Florida 997 intersects S.W. 248th Street after passing the Redland Golf and Country Club. Use 248th Street east to Princeton (U.S. 1), Florida 989 to Florida's Turnpike, and Metrodade-Black Point Marina adjacent to Biscayne National Park alongside Biscayne Bay. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Bauer Drive, another 16 blocks south, travels east to Naranja and Tallahassee Road (S.W. 137th Avenue) south to Homestead Air Reserve Base. Photo taken 12/28/03.
After miles of agricultural land, Florida 997 enters an urban environment upon entering the city of Homestead. Homestead is home to 32,046 people as of the 2000 Census, and it is the second oldest city in Miami-Dade County, having been founded in 1898 and incorporated in 1913, after the Overseas Railroad was constructed through town. Photo taken 12/28/03.
A major intersection on Krome Avenue is at S.W. 312th Street in Homestead, which travels east to U.S. 1, the Homestead City Hall, and the Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike (HEFT/Florida 821). Photo taken 12/28/03.
In Homestead, Florida 997 intersects Flagler Avenue, which parallels the railroad tracks through town. This photo was taken immediately after crossing the railroad tracks. Flagler Avenue is the old alignment of U.S. 1 through Homestead; the new U.S. 1 road is located to the east of here. Note the trailblazer for Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Southbound Florida 997/Krome Avenue reaches Florida 9336, which follows West Palm Drive through Florida City. Florida 9336 angles southwest toward Everglades National Park via S.W. 344th Street and S.W. 217th Avenue. Photo taken 12/28/03.
A left turn here follows Florida 9336 a block or so east to its end at U.S. 1. A right turn follows Florida 9336 southwest toward the main entrance to Everglades National Park. Florida 997 continues south toward U.S. 1 near the Card Sound Road intersection. Photo taken 12/28/03.
The southern terminus of Florida 997 is documented and signed as the state road approaches U.S. 1. Florida 997 ends a short distance north of the northern terminus of Card Sound Road (former Florida 905), which offers an alternative route to the Florida Keys via the toll Card Sound Bridge. Photo taken 12/28/03.

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