Downtown Distributor

Florida 970 is the "Downtown Distributor," which is a very short freeway designed to connect downtown Miami (near the vicinity of Flagler Street, S.E. 2nd Avenue, and S.E. 3rd Street) to Interstate 95, for a total distance of 0.6 miles. It was completed in 1970 as part of the last link of Interstate 95 to be completed in Miami-Dade County in downtown Miami. It has remained completely unchanged to this day. Florida 970 is generally unsigned from Interstate 95, but some reassurance shields are in place. The signs for Florida 970 from Interstate 95 read "Miami Avenue - Downtown" and "Biscayne Boulevard" which are Exits 2B and 2A.


The freeway has the bureaucratic name of "Downtown Distributor," and it has not been considered for any other names. Most people know this ramp by the connection it makes to U.S. 1 and to Interstate 95.

Many thanks to Justin Cozart and Jason Learned for the background information about Florida 970. This information was originally posted on and is reproduced with permission by Justin Cozart.

Florida 970 Eastbound
This lone Florida 970 shield is posted on the transition ramp from northbound Interstate 95 onto eastbound Florida 970. All of Florida 970 is on an elevated series of ramps that fly high above the city street grid. Photo taken 12/28/03.
The ramp from northbound Interstate 95 runs side by side with the ramp from southbound Interstate 95. There is an exit from the southbound Interstate 95 transition ramp to Miami Avenue; access is not provided to that street from the transition ramp from northbound Interstate 95. Note the sign that shows the final destination of the ramp from southbound Interstate 95: U.S. 1, Biscayne Boulevard. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Shortly thereafter, the Florida 970 ramp splits: a left ramp connects to U.S. 1 Biscayne Boulevard and S.E. 2nd Avenue, while the right ramp departs onto S.E. 1st Avenue northbound into downtown Miami. Photo taken 12/28/03.
The ramp onto northbound S.E. 1st Avenue from eastbound Florida 970 is rather tight, and it merges onto the left of the road. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Florida 970 scenes
Southbound Miami Avenue approaches the ramp onto Florida 970, which is signed here as "To Interstate 95." Photo taken 12/28/03.
The Downtown Distributor (Florida 970) ramps come into view along southbound Miami Avenue as it reaches the approach ramp to Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/28/03.

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