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Florida 951 / Collier County 951 is the main route from U.S. 41 into Marco Island. Florida 951 is the section of Collier Boulevard between Collier County 92 and U.S. 41. Collier County 951 picks up from U.S. 41 and continues north into Golden Gate, where the county route terminates at Collier County 846. The county-maintained segment is just as important as the state-maintained segment south of Interstate 75. Florida 951 actually begins near the residents' beach on Marco Island, near the County Route 92 intersection. It follows Collier Boulevard off the island via the Judge Jolley Bridge, then extends north past U.S. 41 as a county route, then leads to Interstate 75 near Golden Gate. County Route 951 continues north of this point to end at County Route 846, which leads northeasterly toward Immokalee, Florida 29, and U.S. 27.

Florida 951 north
This is the first northbound Florida 951 shield after its junction with Collier County 92. This style of Florida state shield, with large fonts and wide design, is very similar to what is normally seen on state route expressways and freeways, such as Florida 836 in Miami-Dade County. Photos taken 12/99 and 12/30/03.
After the Collier County 92/San Marco Road intersection, this adopt a litter sign is found on the landscaped parkway. As a result of planned improvements to Florida 951 prior to shifting responsibility for the state road from the state to the city of Marco Island, the green parkway strips like this one may potentially be converted into bike paths, shoulders, and turning lanes. Photo taken 12/30/03.
This Florida 951 shield is located on northbound Collier Boulevard just prior to Bald Eagle Drive (unsigned Collier County 953). Photo taken 12/30/03.

This series of photos shows the former signage for Collier County 953 as seen along northbound Florida 951 at Bald Eagle Drive on Marco Island. All of these shields were removed by December 2000, once the major construction on Florida 951 north of the Jolley Bridge was completed. It seems as if Collier County 953 were decommissioned as a result, possibly because of duplication with Florida 953 in Miami-Dade County. Photos taken 12/99.
Northbound Florida 951/Collier Boulevard prepares to cross the Big Marco River via the S.S. Jolley Bridge. Built in 1969, the Jolley Bridge carries Florida 951 over the river on a tall arch, offering brief yet thrilling views of the Gulf of Mexico and Ten Thousand Islands. Photo taken 12/30/03.
A commanding view of the mainland can be seen from on top of the S.S. Jolley Bridge on northbound Florida 951. Since the bridge carries a great deal more traffic than it was designed to carry, it is currently in need of upgrades to ensure its stability during a hurricane. Plans call for a second span to be added to the crossing, but it is not clear when that second span will be constructed or how it will be funded. Photo taken 12/30/03.
After crossing the Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge, northbound Florida 951/Collier Boulevard meets Collier County 952 at the intersection of Collier Boulevard with Isle of Capri Road. At the time the first picture was taken, the Florida 951 expressway was under construction; this shield was removed with a more standard shield. The second photo shows the same area after construction was complete. Note the new high rise condominium tower visible in the background. Photos taken 12/99 and 12/31/03.
Northbound Florida 951/Collier Boulevard approaches Mainsail Drive, which connects to Marco Shores and the local airport. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Northbound Florida 951/Collier Boulevard reaches the Briggs Nature Center. Photo taken 12/99.
Northbound Florida 951/Collier Boulevard was widened out to four lanes with a grassy median in the 1990s. Photo taken 12/30/03.
The highway emerges near some outlet stores on the east side of the highway. The signal ahead is Manatee Road. Photo taken 12/30/03.
This reassurance shield for northbound Florida 951 is located on Collier Boulevard after the Manatee Road intersection. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Northbound Florida 951/Collier Boulevard approaches U.S. 41, the main route north to Naples and southeast to Big Cypress National Preserve and Miami. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Florida 951 reaches its northern terminus here, and it downgrades to Collier County 951. Despite this, the county road continues as a four-lane expressway all the way to Interstate 75. Use the county road north to reach the Alligator Alley east to Fort Lauderdale and Interstate 75 north to Fort Myers and Tampa. Photo taken 12/30/03.
This intersection, with span wire traffic signals, governs the flow of traffic between Florida 951/Collier Boulevard, Collier County 951, and U.S. 41. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Florida 951 north
After departing Interstate 75 south, Florida 951 exists briefly between the Interstate and Florida 84. Between Florida 84 and U.S. 41, the highway is classified as a county road. From U.S. 41 south to Collier County 92, the route is a state road. This sign identifies the right lane for the connection to westbound Florida 84 en route to downtown Naples. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Southbound Florida 951/Collier Boulevard is generally four lanes wide, with ten-foot lanes and no shoulders. Here, the roadway gently turns from southwest to southbound just north of the Collier County 92 (San Marco Road) intersection. Photo taken 12/30/03.
San Marco Road is Collier County 92, which travels east across the island and returns to the mainland via the Goodland Bridge. Collier County 92 connects to U.S. 41 west of Big Cypress National Preserve. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Collier County 92 is an established hurricane evacuation route from Marco Island to the mainland and shelters, in accordance with this sign. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Collier County 92 is only signed with this trailblazer shield on southbound Florida 951. There are not many reassurance shields on San Marco Road. Southbound Florida 951 reaches its southern terminus at its junction with Collier County 92/San Marco Road on Marco Island, adjacent to the Residents Beach. Some maps show a Collier County 951 extending from this point south on Collier Boulevard all the way to the cul-de-sac at the end of the "main street of Marco Island," but no county route signage exists for 951 anywhere on the island. Photos taken 12/99 and 12/30/03.
Views of the Judge Jolley Bridge
Florida 951 follows the Judge Jolley Bridge between Marco Island and the mainland by crossing the Marco River. The Marco River is really just a pass between the island and the mainland. This bridge was a toll bridge when first constructed, and some have considered reinstating the tolls to pay for a parallel span. If such a parallel span were built, Florida 951 would continuously be at least four lanes wide from County Route 92 north to Interstate 75. The bridge is the only bottleneck. Very similar to the Goodland Bridge on Collier County 92, the Jolley Bridge was constructed using similar specs. The view from the top of the bridge is impressive, as one can see for many miles up and down the Marco River. These views are from Marco Island, looking north. Photos taken 12/99.

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