Florida Road 9336

Florida 9336 connects U.S. 1, Florida 997, and Florida's Turnpike (Homestead Extension) to Everglades National Park via Florida City. It is the only signed four-digit state road in Florida, even though there are plenty of four-digit county roads in Florida.

Florida 9336 east
Florida 9336 eastbound intersects Florida 997 (Krome Avenue) in Florida City. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Although Florida 9336 ends at its intersection with U.S. 1, Palm Drive continues east through Homestead, then connects to the Homestead Motorsports Complex and Biscayne National Park. Photo taken 12/28/03.
U.S. 1 is the principal route through southern Miami-Dade County. Use U.S. 1 south to Monroe County and Key West; use U.S. 1 north to Florida's Turnpike and Miami. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Florida 9336 east
Immediately after the U.S. 1 intersection, westbound Florida 9336/Palm Drive approaches Florida 997. Use Florida 997/Krome Avenue south to Card Sound Road and the Florida Keys and north to Homestead and the western edges of urbanized Miami-Dade County. Photo taken 12/18/03.
Westbound Florida 9336 reaches the intersection with Florida 997. Prior to the mid-1980s, Florida 997 north of Florida 9336 and Florida 9336 west of Florida 997 were designated as Florida 27. The numbering was changed to alleviate confusion with nearby U.S. 27. Photo taken 12/18/03.
This is the first shield along westbound Florida 9336 after the intersection with Florida 997. Florida 9336 will continue west along Palm Drive toward Everglades National Park. Photo taken 12/18/03.

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