Eastbound - Florida 417 Toll to Cape Canaveral

Florida 528 Toll east
Florida 528 Toll leaves the Central Florida Greeneway and enters a vastly undeveloped landscape east toward Brevard County. The Beachline main line Toll Plaza lies just east of Exit 16 and Florida 417 Toll. All passenger vehicles are charged a $1.25 toll at the plaza. SunPass or EPass motorists may use the innermost lane, but must slow down to due to the unused toll booths. Photos taken 03/18/06.
Exit 20 joins the Beachline Expressway with International Corporate Park Boulevard and H.C. Kelley Road. Both roads spur outward from Florida 528 Toll and are otherwise inaccessible. Photo taken 03/18/06.
International Corporate Park Boulevard serves the adjacent International Corporate Park and Aerospace Parkway to the south; H.C. Kelley Road serves the Florida Dept.. of Corrections Central Florida Regional Center. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Eastbound at the diamond like interchange of Exit 20 on Florida 528 Toll. Ramps to International Corporate Boulevard circumnavigate the parallel O.U.C. Railroad as it passes underneath the Beachline Expressway. At present International Corporate Boulevard and Aerospace Parkway meet at a field and it is unclear when development will occur. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Florida 528 Toll continues east to the Exit 24 half-diamond interchange with Dallas Boulevard near the Wedgefield community. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Exit 24 departs the Beachline Expressway eastbound for Dallas Boulevard. Dallas Boulevard constitutes a paved road lading north alongside the Hal Scott Preserve to Majestic Street in Wedgefield. South of Florida 528 Toll, Dallas Boulevard downgrades into a private dirt road to old County Road 13. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Intermittent mileage signs provide the distance to both Florida 520 and Interstate 95 on the eastbound Beachline Expressway. Florida 520 represents the only major interchange between Florida 417 Toll and the split with Florida 407. Photo taken 03/18/06.

Looking at the two-mile guide sign for Florida 520 (Exit 31) on Florida 528 Toll eastbound. Florida 520 crosses paths with the Beachline midway between Bithlo and Rockledge. Photo taken 03/18/06.
One mile west of the Exit 31 diamond interchange with Florida 520 on Florida 528 Toll eastbound. Florida 520 receives no control point due to its rural path between Florida 50 north of Wedgefield and Florida 524 west of Interstate 95. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Florida 520 eastbound provides an alternate route to Cocoa and Cocoa Beach in lieu of Florida 528 Toll. The state road ends at Florida A1A (Atlantic Avenue) near the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Eastbound at the Exit 31 ramp departure to Florida 520 eastbound. Florida 520 meets Orange County 532 (Nova Road) in the southeastern corner of the county near Deseret Lake. Use Nova Road south to Osceola County 419 and Deer Park. Further east, Florida 520 enters the Canaveral Groves community ahead of the split with Florida 524. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Florida 528 east
The Orange Osceola County Expressway Authority maintained stretch of Florida 528 Toll ends at the Exit 31 interchange. From this point onward, Florida 528 is a free state road. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Florida 528 travels across the Toshohatchee State Reserve through to the St. Johns River. Pictured here is the view looking southward at the river and the Brevard County line sign. Photos taken 03/18/06.
Large diagrammatical overheads advise motorists of the pending split of Florida 407 north with Florida 528 east at Exit 37. Florida 407 spurs northeast along a super two freeway to Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 212. Florida 528 branches southeast toward Cocoa and Exit 205 of Interstate 95. Photo taken 03/18/06.
One half mile out from the Florida 407 north and Florida 528 east split. Florida 407 follows Challenger Memorial Parkway from Interstate 95 to Florida 405 (Columbia Boulevard) in south Titusville. Florida 405 leads east from there to NASA Causeway and the main entrance to the John F. Kennedy Space Center. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Interests to Cocoa and Merritt Island should remain on Florida 528 eastbound. Florida 528 sees interchanges with U.S. 1 for Cocoa and Florida 3 and Banana River Road for Merritt Island. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Interests to Interstate 95 northbound should use Florida 407 north for New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville. Travelers destined for Interstate 95 south to Melbourne, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami should remain on Florida 528 (Beachline Expressway) through to Exit 42A. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Florida 528 heads southeast from Florida 407 five miles to a full-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 95 (Exits 42A/B). Interstate 95 represents the western edge of most development in Brevard County from Titusville southward to Palm Bay. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Interstate 95 meets Florida 528 within the Canaveral Groves community of the Cocoa area. Interstate 95 locally meets Port St. John Parkway to the north and Florida 524 (Bennett Causeway) to the south. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Exit 42A departs Florida 528 eastbound to Interstate 95 south. Interstate 95 reaches Melbourne in 22 miles and Miami in 196 miles. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Despite the connection with Florida 407 north at Exit 37, a loop ramp exists to carry motorists onto Interstate 95 north via Exit 42B. Interstate 95 north heads 55 miles north to junction Interstate 4 at Daytona Beach and 146 miles to junction Interstate 10 at downtown Jacksonville. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Florida 528 pushes eastward to the city of Cocoa and Florida 524 (Industry Road). Florida 524 travels east from Florida 520 at Canaveral Grove to Bennett Causeway and Industry Road in Cocoa. The state road ends at Florida 528's Exit 45. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Industry Road carries Florida 524 a short distance from Florida 501 (Clearlake Road) to Florida 528. Industry Road heads a short distance north of the six-ramp parclo interchange to Grissom Parkway west and Cidco Road. Grissom Parkway ventures northwest to Port St. John. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Approaching the Exit 45 off-ramp to Florida 524 (Industry Road) west to Bennett Causeway and Florida 501 (Clearlake Road). Clearlake Road travels south to King Street West (Florida 520) west of downtown Cocoa and Fiske Boulevard in Rockledge. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Next in line for eastbound travelers is the Exit 46 folded-diamond interchange with U.S. 1 (Cocoa Boulevard). U.S. 1 provides the main drag between Titusville, Cocoa, and Rockledge, serving the downtown areas of all three towns. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Florida 528 passes over the Florida East Coast Railroad ahead of the Exit 46 loop ramp to U.S. 1 (Cocoa Boulevard). U.S. 1 travels locally north to Hardeeville and south to downtown Cocoa and Florida 520 at the Hubert Humphrey Bridge to Merritt Island. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Bennett Causeway carries Florida 528 & Florida A1A across Indian River between Cocoa and Merritt Island. Florida A1A joins Florida 528 east to its end at Cape Canaveral. Photos taken 03/18/06.
Construction involving the replacement of the westbound Florida 528 span over the Indian River began in 2003. At stake is the building of a new high-level bridge for Florida 528 eastbound, allowing crews to shift traffic from the 1963-built westbound span to the 1970-eastbound span for the eventual westbound direction. The 1970-span will remain in service for another 10-15 years before it is to be replaced.1 Photos taken 03/18/06.
Florida A1A south & 528 east (Bennett Causeway) reach Merritt Island and approach Florida 3 (Courtenay Parkway). Florida 3 travels south from Bennett Causeway to Florida 520 (Merritt Island Causeway) and north to Courtenay and NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Eastbound at the Exit 49 diamond interchange with Florida 3 (Courtenay Parkway). Use Courtney Parkway south for the heart of Merritt Island and north to Nasa Parkway. Photo taken 03/18/06.
The second Merritt Island exit joins Florida A1A & 528 with Banana River Drive at Exit 52. Interests to the Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals are given several advance signs for the berths at Cape Canaveral. Banana Drive Drive spurs south from Bennett Causeway along the Banana River west banks to Audubon Road/Sykes Creek Parkway Bridge and Angel City. Photos taken 03/18/06.
Exit 52 departs Bennett Causeway eastbound for Banana River Drive and eastern Merritt Island. The diamond interchange hugs the Banana River shore at Kelly Park. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Florida A1A & 528 travel over another causeway across Banana River between Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral. Situated along this stretch of Bennett Causeway is a series of guide/variable message signs posted for the Cruise ship terminal at Port Canaveral. Photos taken 03/18/06.
Port Canaveral splits between north cargo births via Florida 401 north to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and south cargo births accessible via George J. King Boulevard. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Looking south from Bennett Causeway at the Banana River and the Florida 520 Cocoa Beach Causeway. Photos taken 03/18/06.
A trumpet interchange joins Florida 401's southern terminus with Florida A1A & 528 at the northwest point of Cape Canaveral. Florida 401 spurs northward to north Port Canaveral and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Samuel C. Phillips Parkway. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Eastbound at the northbound beginning of Florida 401 to the A Cruise Terminals of Port Canaveral. Interests to the B Cruise Terminal should use George J. King Boulevard east to Park Road and Jetty Drive at Cape Canaveral's northeastern point. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Florida 528 officially ends at the Florida 401 interchange, however signage concludes at the George J. King Boulevard Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI). Florida A1A continues south along Astronaut Boulevard into incorporated Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. King Boulevard spurs east to Atlantic Avenue and south Port Canaveral. Photo taken 03/18/06.


  1. KCA SR 528 WB Bridge over the Indian River, Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp.

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