State Road 436 - Semoran Boulevard

Following a combination of Semoran Boulevard, a name derived from the combining of Seminole and Orange Counties, and Altamonte Drive, state Road 436 arcs southeast from its beginning in Apopka to Orlando International Airport. Florida 436 is known for its congestion as it provides an arterial through Forest City, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, and east Orlando. Some upgrades are planned including a grade separated interchange Semoran Boulevard and East Colonial Drive (Florida 50) and construction of a new flyover between Florida 528 Toll (Beachline Expressway) and Orlando International Airport at the southern terminus.

Florida 436 east
A wye interchange joins U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) south with the eastbound beginning of Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) at Apopka. Semoran Boulevard spurs eastward from Orange Blossom Trail to Forest City in Seminole County. Photo taken 11/04/06.
Florida 436's first eastbound shield lies just east of the interchange with U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail). Semoran Boulevard quickly intersects Sheeler Road, a north-south between Monroe Avenue and Keene Road. Sheeler Road provides access to U.S. 441 south from Florida 436 west. A direct ramp exists from U.S. 441 north onto Florida 436 east otherwise. Photo taken 11/04/06.

Florida 436 north
Leaving Orlando International Airport (MCO), Airport Boulevard East approaches the directional-cloverleaf interchange with Florida 528 Toll (Beachline Expressway) and transition into Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard). The separate ramps to the east-west toll road are assigned Exits numbers 1A and 1B, although none of Semoran Boulevard is a freeway to the north. These airport style signs direct motorists to the various points of interest and attractions in Metro Orlando. Photo taken 12/20/06.
Interests to Florida 417 Toll (Central Florida Greeneway) are directed onto Florida 528 Toll (Beachline Expressway) eastbound via Exit 1A. Florida 417 Toll provides a high-speed route to Sanford and Seminole County to/from the airport. Photo taken 12/20/06.
Exit 1A leaves Airport Boulevard East at the transition into Florida 436's northbound beginning. Florida 528 Toll links the Orlando area with the Kennedy Space Center, Titusville, and Cocoa. The westbound Beachline Expressway provides a direct route to the International Drive resort area and Interstate 4 for interests to Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and other area attractions. While the pull-through panel indicates that Florida 436 is the best route to downtown, a direct limited access route to the Orlando central business district is unavailable. The Central Orlando Connector would have provided a more direct toll road along Florida 527 (Orange Avenue), but that route was cancelled because of objection from the city of Edgewood. Photo taken 12/20/06.
Leaving the cloverleaf interchange with Florida 528 Toll (Beachline Expressway), Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) meets T.G. Lee Boulevard east and the North Frontage Road of the Beachline. T.G. Lee Boulevard spurs into new office parks toward Lake Michelle. North Frontage Road meanders southward before shadowing Florida 528 Toll as North McCoy Road. Photo taken 02/08/08.
The first stand alone shield posted along Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) north. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Hazeltine National Boulevard travels east-west between Shadowbridge Drive and the Lake Aric area south of Lee Vista Boulevard. Like T.G. Lee Boulevard, the arterial serves new business parks being built between Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) and Goldenrod Road. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Next in line for northbound drivers is the signalized intersection with Lee Vista Boulevard. Lee Vista Boulevard represents a fairly new extension of Judge Road east from Conway Road to Florida 417 Toll (Central Florida Greeneway). A large cluster of condominiums lies northeast of the Florida 436 intersection. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Bent Pine Drive meanders eastward from Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) to Patch Road north / Corporate Centre Boulevard south, serving the same group of condos north of Lee Vista Boulevard. Photo taken 02/08/08.
One third of a mile north of Bent Pine Drive is Florida 15 (Hoffner Avenue). Hoffner Avenue comprises an east-west arterial, carrying Florida 15 between Conway Road (Orange County 506) and Florida 551 (Goldenrod Road) where the state road transitions into Narcoossee Road. Photo taken 02/08/08.
The six lane boulevard continues north from Florida 15 (Hoffner Avenue). Photo taken 02/08/08.
Entering the intersection with Turnbull Drive, a short residential street leading west to Florida 15 (Hoffner Avenue) and east into an adjoining subdivision, on Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) north. Photo taken 02/08/08.
A pedestrian bridge spans Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) within the vicinity of Kempston Drive. Kempston Drive loops west and then south through the Conway Acres subdivision to Hoffner Avenue. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) northbound at Gatlin Avenue, a through road linking the state road with Florida 15 (Conway Road) at Conway Gardens Road. Photo taken 02/08/08.
A short distance north of Gatlin Avenue is the signalized intersection with Pershing Avenue. Pershing Avenue stems east from Dixie Belle Drive to Florida 551 (Goldenrod Road) in the Conway and southeast Orlando vicinity. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Michigan Street travels west from Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) west to the Lake Porter and Bass Lake areas of Orlando. The street eventually interchanges with Interstate 4 at Exit 81A. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Grant Street follows suit and spurs east from Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) to Raper Dairy Road near the Rio Pinar Lakes community. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) north nears Florida 552 (Curry Ford Road), an east-west arterial route between Florida 15 (Conway Road) and Florida 551 (Goldenrod Road). Photo taken 02/08/08.
Florida 552 is loosely signed along its short routing, but that does not reflect in the busyness of the Curry Ford Road arterial routing through southeast Orlando. The Photo taken 02/08/08.
Curry Ford Road overall travels between Fern Creek Road near Lake Lancaster in Orlando to Alafaya Trail near the sprawling Eastwood and Waterford Lakes communities in unincorporated Orange County. A Florida 408 Toll trailblazer directs motorists to the Exit 14 interchange of the East-West Expressway, one mile to the north. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Continuing north along Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) beyond Florida 552 (Curry Ford Road). Photo taken 02/08/08.
A pair of signalized intersections lie along Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) between Curry Ford Road and the East-West Expressway. The first handles the movements between LaCosta Drive, an east-west residential street. Following is the intersection with Stonewall Jackson Road east, a similar residential roadway. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) approaches the intersection with Lake Underhill Road and junction Florida 408 Toll (East-West Expressway). Lake Underhill Road acts as a frontage road to Florida 408 Toll from Lake Underhill itself to Florida 551 (Goldenrod Road). Photo taken 02/08/08.
Drivers bound for Florida 408 Toll (East-West Expressway) east to the sprawling communities of Cypress Springs, Waterford Lakes, and Union Park must use Lake Underhill Road east to Florida 551 (Goldenrod Road)'s diamond interchange with the East-West Expressway. There is no other direct eastbound on-ramp otherwise. Photo taken 02/08/08.
A loop ramp carries drivers onto Florida 408 Toll (East-West Expressway) westbound directly from Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) northbound. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Florida 408 Toll continues westward from Semoran Boulevard to downtown Orlando and Ocoee. The toll road is undergoing a widening project in conjunction with the building of a new open road tolling plaza in east Orlando. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Reassurance shield posted at the Florida 408 Toll westbound off-ramp. New mast arms await signals for the slightly reconfigured ramp, which ties in directly across from Yew Drive. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Almost immediately north of the East-West Expressway is the traffic light at Kalmia Drive. Kalmia Drive heads west from Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) to Nancy Lee Avenue on the outskirts of Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). Photo taken 02/08/08.
Dahlia Drive, a residential through street, spurs east from Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) at Azalea Park to Oxalis and Alder Drives. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Oleander Drive also spurs east from Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) to Tucker Avenue in unincorporated Orange County. Lake Barton occupies areas to the west of Semoran Boulevard between Brosche and Oleander Roads. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Next in line for northbound Florida 436 motorists is the busy intersection with Florida 50 (Colonial Drive). Colonial Drive constitutes a major east-west arterial throughout metro Orlando. Carrying between four and six lanes, the commercialized arterial funnels traffic between downtown Orlando to Ocoee to the west and Union Park to the east. Traffic woes came early to Florida 50 as Orlando grew, which necessitated the completion and extensions of the East-West Expressway from 1972 onward. Photo taken 02/08/08.
A remnant of a Florida 50 overhead lies next to these shields on Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) north. An upgrade is underway at the congested intersection between the two arterials. Crews began in January 2008 on a $66 Million project to replace the signalized intersection with a single point urban interchange. Upon completion, Florida 50 will pass over Semoran Boulevard via a six-lane bridge. Texas style u-turn ramps will also be built in conjunction with the connecting ramps.
Expected to take two years to complete, the work is being done in conjunction with a six-laning project of Colonial Drive eastward to Florida 417 Toll (Central Florida Greeneway). Photo taken 02/08/08.
Northbound reassurance markers lie next to and above Semoran Boulevard as the arterial leaves the Florida 50 junction. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Old Cheney Highway crosses paths with Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) north of Florida 50 (Colonial Drive). Colonial Drive replaced the Cheney Highway as the main east-west road between Orlando and Christmas. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Meeting Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) near the Winter Park city line are Baldwin Park Street west and Auver Boulevard east. Auver Boulevard spurs into a nearby apartment complex. Baldwin Street meanwhile provides a direct connection to Lake Baldwin Lane and the new Baldwin Park community. Baldwin Park is fairly new master planned community built on the grounds of former Naval Training Center (NTC) Orlando. The base closed in 1999. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Guide sign posted for the forthcoming intersection with Hanging Moss Road on Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) north. Semoran Boulevard skims the Winter Park city limits for a second time here, without actually entering. Winter Park is mainly accessible from Florida 436 via Florida 426 west. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Hanging Moss Road travels less than a mile east between Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) and Forsyth Road. Forsyth Road provides a main north-south route to Aloma and Goldenrod from Florida 50 (Colonial Drive). Photo taken 02/08/08.
Approaching Banchory Road on Semoran Boulevard north. Banchory Road serves the Winter Park Pines subdivision west of Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard). Photos taken 02/08/08.
Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) intersects the west end of University Boulevard and east end of Scarlet Road next. Scarlet Road spurs west to Ranger Boulevard in a neighboring residential area. Photo taken 02/08/08.
University Boulevard constitutes a busy commercialized arterial through the Aloma and Goldenrod vicinity through to Florida 434 (Alafaya Trail) and the University of Central Florida campus. Photo taken 02/08/08.
An arch bridge carries the Cady Way Trail above Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) north of University Boulevard. Cady Way Trail is a rails-to-trail facility from east Orlando (Bennett Road near Florida 50) to the Cross Seminole Trail at the County line near Goldenrod. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Continuing through the Aloma area, Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) nears Florida 426 (Aloma Avenue). Florida 426 comprises a four-lane arterial west into downtown Winter Park and east to Goldenrod and Jamestown in Seminole County. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Florida 426 travels overall between Florida 424 (Edgewater Drive) north of Orlando and Florida 419 & 434 (Central Avenue) in Oviedo. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Winter Park's city limits lie one mile west along Florida 426 (Aloma Avenue) while the state road east meets Florida 551 (Palmetto Avenue) at Goldenrod 1.1 miles eastward. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Entering the signalized intersection with Florida 426 (Aloma Avenue) on Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) north. Florida 426 east provides a connection to the Seminole Expressway (Florida 417 Toll) at Bertha before turning northeast to Jamestown, Slavia, and Oviedo. Seminole County 426 continues the route northeast from Oviedo to Geneva (Florida 46) in rural east Seminole County. Photo taken 02/08/08.
Florida 436 West
Eight lanes of Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) travel west of Interstate 4 to Florida 434. Pictured here are signalized intersections with Grace Boulevard, Lynchfield Avenue south and Frances Drive north. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) kinks northwest through Altamonte Springs between Orange Avenue and the intersection with Laurel Street south and San Sebastian Prado north. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Florida 434 meets Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) next at a commercialized intersection in Altamonte Springs. Florida 434 represents an equally busy arterial north to Wekiva Springs and south to Forest City. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Florida 436 scenes
Douglas Avenue constitutes a westbound side frontage road of Interstate 4 between Florida 434 and Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard). The road changes names to Wymore Road south of Semoran to Florida 414 in Maitland. Photo taken 04/29/08.

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