North - Interstate 4 to Florida 408 Toll

Florida 417 Toll North
Florida 417 Toll continues north from the Holland East-West Expressway interchange to Florida 50 (East Colonial Drive) near Union Park. East Colonial Drive comprises a busy east-west arterial serving the heart of the Orlando metropolitan area. From Christmas to the east to Oakland to the west, Colonial Drive encompasses an almost uninterrupted commercial strip. Photo taken 12/19/03.
An older style Central Florida Greeneway shield assembly lies at the Valencia College Lane under crossing of Florida 417 Toll northbound north of Exit 33B. Merging onto the Greeneway ahead is unsigned Florida 4080, the toll road connector between Florida 408 Toll east and Florida 417 Toll north. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Nearing the Exit 34 parclo interchange with Florida 50 (East Colonial Drive). Florida 50 serves the communities of Union Park and University Park between Florida 417 Toll and Bithlo. Further east the state road heads to the rural community of Christmas and protected land such as the Seminole Ranch Wildlife Management Area. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Exit 34 departs Florida 417 Toll northbound for Florida 50 (East Colonial Drive). Florida 50 continues west from the Greeneway through older suburbs of east Orlando, Orlando Executive Airport, and northern reaches of downtown. Photo taken 12/19/03.
University Boulevard intersects Florida 417 Toll at the Exit 37 six-ramp parclo interchange. The east-west surface road travels between the University of Central Florida campus and Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) at Goldenrod. Photo taken 12/19/03.
One mile south of the University Boulevard (Exits 37A/B) at the Thevarthon Road overpass. Florida 417 travelers pass through the University main line Toll Plaza ahead. Photo taken 12/19/03.
The University Toll Plaza features high-speed SunPass lanes on the inside and outer cash lanes on the outside. Econlockhatchee Trail passes over Florida 417 Toll just south of the toll barrier. Photos taken 12/19/03.

The right-hand lane departs for University Boulevard at Exit 37A. Florida 417 Toll reduces to four overall lanes from this point northward, however the master plan for the Central Greeneway calls for eight overall lanes northward to Sanford. University Boulevard eastbound otherwise meets Dean Road just east of Exit 37. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Florida 417 Toll northbound at the Exit 37A ramp departure onto University Boulevard east. University of Central Florida's campus lies east of Alafaya Trail and south of McCulloch Road 2.5 miles east of the Greeneway. University Boulevard meets Rouse Road in 1.5 miles and Florida 434 (Alafaya Trail) in 2.5 miles. Photo taken 12/19/03.
The End Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority sign lies ahead of the Seminole County crossing of Florida 417 Toll northbound. Florida's Turnpike Authority maintains the Seminole Expressway portion of the freeway between the county line and junction Interstate 4. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Crossing into Seminole County from Orange County on Florida 417 Toll north. In the background is the Exit 38 ramp departure to Florida 426 (Aloma Avenue). Florida 426 travels east from Orlando to Winter Park and Goldenrod before turning northeast onto Oviedo Road near Exit 38. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Florida 426 continues north from Aloma Avenue and Florida 417 Toll via Oviedo Road to Jamestown, Slavia and Oviedo parallel to the Seminole Expressway. The Exit 37 diamond interchange lies near the community of Bertha. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Next in line for northbound travelers is the Exit 41 parclo interchange with Red Bug Lake Road. Red Bug Lake Road travels west from the intersection of Florida 426 (Oviedo Road) and Mitchell Hammock Road to Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) near Lake Howell. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Motorists bound for Red Bug Lake Road (Exit 41) depart Florida 417 Toll northbound. Red Bug Lake Road serves the city of Casselberry to the west and the city of Oviedo in conjunction with Mitchell Hammock Road and Florida 426 (Oviedo Road) to the east. Mitchell Hammock Road intersects Florida 434 (Central Avenue) one mile east of Oviedo Road south of downtown Oviedo. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Florida 417 Toll next approaches the city of Winter Springs and Florida 419 & 434 (Sanford-Oviedo Road) at Exit 44. Florida 419 & 434 travel together along Central Avenue from Florida 426 (Broadway Street) in downtown Oviedo to Orlando Boulevard in Winter Springs. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Northbound at the Exit 44 diamond interchange with Florida 419 & 434 (Sanford-Oviedo Road). Downtown Winter Springs lies 2.25 miles to the west. Florida 419 follows all of Sanford-Oviedo Road west from Winter Springs to Sheoah and U.S. 17 & 92 (Dixie Highway). Florida 434 meanwhile follows Orlando Boulevard west from Winter Springs to Sanlando Springs Road at Casselberry. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Seminole Expressway northbound travelers span the wide Lake Jesup between Exit 44 and Lake Jesup main line toll plaza. Unlike the previous three toll plazas, the Lake Jesup facility is an older plaza devoid of high-speed Sunpass lanes. Additionally, for it being substandard as far as toll barriers go, the Lake Jesup Toll Plaza is the most expensive at $2.00 per passenger vehicle (note the photo displays $1.50). Photo taken 12/19/03.
Reassurance shields posted along the Seminole Expressway include placards with the freeway name. Pictured here is one such assembly north of the Lake Jesup Toll Plaza. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Seminole County 427 (Ronald Reagan Boulevard) and Lake Mary Boulevard cross paths with Florida 417 Toll at the Exit 49 split-diamond interchange at Sanford. Lake Mary Boulevard comprises a major east-west arterial between Markham Woods Road at Heathrow and Red Cleveland Boulevard and Orlando-Sanford International Airport. 2006 expansion of the roadway continues Lake Mary Boulevard east to Cameron City and Florida 46 & 415. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Florida 417 Toll northbound passes over the CSX Railroad line ahead of the Exit 49 off-ramp to Seminole County 427 (Ronald Reagan Boulevard) and Lake Mary Boulevard. Ronald Reagan Boulevard stems southwest from Sanford Avenue (Seminole County 425) to Midway, Casselbery, and Longwood. Sanford Avenue travels north from Lake Mary Boulevard toward downtown Sanford, carrying Seminole County 425 from its takeover of Seminole County 427 to Florida 46 (East 25th Street). Photo taken 12/19/03.
Lake Mary Boulevard provides access to Orlando-Sanford International Airport by way of Red Cleveland Boulevard north. Red Cleveland Boulevard spurs north from Lake Mary 1.5 miles of the Seminole Expressway to the airport terminal. Lake Mary Boulevard west heads one mile to U.S. 17 & 92 and the city of Lake Mary. Photo taken 12/19/03.
U.S. 17 & 92 head northeast from Lake Mary Boulevard to meet Florida 417 Toll at Exit 50 in Sanford. U.S. 17 & 92 share pavement from Haines City north to DeLand overall, and locally along Dixie Highway northward to French Avenue and downtown Sanford. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Drivers merging onto the Seminole Expressway northbound from Lake Mary Boulevard and Seminole County 427 form an auxiliary lane for U.S. 17 & 92. Exit 50 passes over Airport Boulevard en route to U.S. 17 & 92 at Lake Jennie. U.S. 17 & 92 curve onto French Avenue just north of there on the two-mile drive into downtown Sanford. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Florida 417 Toll turns westerly again at the Exit 50 ramp departure to U.S. 17 & 92. U.S. 17 & 92 travel north to the Lake Monroe shoreline and then west along the water to junction Interstate 4 and Seminole County 15 at the community of Lake Monroe itself. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Exit 52 serves interests to Seminole County 46A (West 25th Street / H.E. Thomas Parkway) for both Sanford and Lake Mary. Seminole County 46A travels west from the Florida 46 intersection with U.S. 17 & 92 (French Avenue) to Orange Boulevard (partially signed Seminole County 431) near Heathrow. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Posted within the Exit 52 diamond interchange is the first sign for the northern terminus of Florida 417 Toll at junction Interstate 4. Photo taken 12/19/03.
The Seminole Expressway turns northwesterly between Seminole County 46A and the Seminole County 15 (Upsala Road) underpass. Exit 54, the final mainline interchange, joins Florida 417 Toll with Rinehart Road near the Seminole Town Center mall. Rinehart Road meanders northward from Lake Mary Boulevard to Florida 46. The north-south road serves commercial and industrial areas in the shadow of Interstate 4. Photo taken 12/19/03.
One half mile east of the Exit 54 folded-diamond interchange with Rinehart Road on Florida 417 Toll north. Seminole County 15 (Upsala Road) passes under the freeway in this scene. To access Upsala Road or Florida 46 from Exit 54, take Rinehart Road north to either St. Johns Parkway or Florida 46 itself. There is no access to Florida 46 from Florida 417 Toll beyond its merge with Interstate 4 otherwise. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Drivers bound for Rinehart Road depart the Seminole Expressway westbound at Exit 54. Junction Interstate 4 lies one mile ahead at the Exit 55 trumpet interchange. Interstate 4, the only north-south freeway serving Orlando directly, provides the link to Central Florida from Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, and points north of Florida. Photo taken 12/19/03.
The Florida 417 Toll mainline defaults onto Interstate 4 westbound for return access to Lake Mary, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, Eatonville, Winter Park, and downtown Orlando. Exit 55A provides access onto Interstate 4 eastbound ahead of its final Seminole County interchange, that of Exit 104 with U.S. 17 & 92 at Lake Monroe. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Exits 55A and 55B partition at the Towne Center Boulevard under crossing. Interstate 4 east continues another 31 miles to junction Interstate 95 & Florida 400 at its end in Daytona Beach. Westbound heads south 18 miles to downtown Orlando and 101 miles to its end at junction Interstate 275 in Tampa. Photo taken 12/19/03.

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