Eastbound - Interstate 4 to Florida's Turnpike

Florida 408 Toll west
Leaving the Interstate 4 trumpet interchange at Parramore Avenue, Florida 408 Toll westbound approaches the Exit 9 diamond interchange with U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail). Orange Blossom Trail serves the Parramore and Rio Grande Terrace neighborhoods of west Orlando. The trio shares pavement from Kissimmee in Osceola County northward to Florida 50 (Colonial Drive). Photo taken 12/19/03.
Upcoming exits sign highlighting the next three off-ramps, all serving western reaches of Orlando. Orange Blossom Trail represents the original auto trail between Kissimmee, Orlando, Apopka, and Mount Dora. U.S. 441 follows this routing northwest to Leesburg. U.S. 17 & 92 travel Colonial Drive (Florida 50) east to Mills Avenue and Winter Garden. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Proceeding westward toward the Exit 9 ramp departure to U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail). U.S. 17 travels overall in Florida between Punta Gorda and the Georgia state line north of Jacksonville. U.S. 92 shares a substantial amount of mileage with U.S. 17 between DeLand and Lake Alfred, and traveling overall between St. Petersburg and Daytona Beach. U.S. 441 meanwhile ends in Miami to the south and crosses into Georgia north of Lake City. Photo taken 11/04/06.
Exit 9 departs Florida 408 Toll westbound for U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail). Orange Blossom Trail travels south 1.5 miles to junction Interstate 4 and northward 1.25 miles to Colonial Drive. U.S. 441 continues northwest from there to Fairvilla and Apopka. Photo taken 11/04/06.
Florida 408 Toll curves northwest toward the Exit 8A diamond interchange with Florida 423 & Orange County 423 (John Young Parkway). A half-diamond interchange adds traffic from Tampa Avenue (Exit 8B). Photo taken 12/19/03.
Florida 423 & Orange County 423 (John Young Parkway) constitutes a main north-south arterial through west Orlando. John Young Parkway south serves south Orlando, Williamsburg, and north Kissimmee; northbound heads toward Fairvilla and Eatonville. The parkway was named after astronaut John Young. Photo taken 12/29/05.
The Florida Citrus Bowl resides just north of Florida 408 Toll along Tampa Avenue (Exit 8A). Use Orange Blossom Trail north to Church Street west or south to Gore Street west to reach the venue. Photo taken 12/29/05.

Passing through the former Tampa Avenue area main line Toll Plaza along Florida 408 Toll westbound. As part of the Florida 408 expansion project, this toll facility was replaced with a modern toll plaza at Pine Hills in 2006. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Motorists bound for John Young Parkway depart Florida 408 Toll westbound at Exit 8A. John Young Parkway carries the loosely signed Orange County 423 designation southward to the Osceola County line. Florida 423 follows John Young Parkway northward to U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail). Florida 423 turns east onto Lee Road from U.S. 441 toward Eatonville and its end at U.S. 17 & 92 (Orlando Avenue) in Winter Springs. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Exit 7 consists of a westbound-only off-ramp onto parallel Old Winter Garden Road. Old Winter Garden Road travels west from Washington Street to Orlo Vista and Ocoee. Orange county 527 pentagons only exist on Florida 408 Toll guide signs. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Upcoming exits sign listing the distances to Exits 7 (Old Winter Garden Road), 6 (Pine Hills Road), and 5 (Kirkman Road). All three interchanges serve the Pine Hills community. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Pre-construction view of the Exit 7 ramp departure to Old Winter Garden Road. Old Winter Garden Road meets Ortman Drive and Fairvilla Road within one half mile before turning southwest toward Kirkman Road at Orlo Vista. Photo taken 12/19/03.
A second half-diamond interchange in a row provides access to Pine Hills Road. Pine Hills Road travels north from Old Winter Garden Road to Beggs Road at Lockhart. The only signs for Orange County 431 exist on Exit 6 guide signs along Florida 408 Toll westbound. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Older upcoming exits sign posted during widening of Florida 408 Toll westbound listing Exits 6, 5, and 4. This site is now the location for the new Pine Hills main line Toll Plaza. Opening in December 2006, the new facility includes six high-speed SunPass-only lanes. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Pre-construction view of the Exit 6 ramp departure to Pine Hills Road. Exit 6 now departs one half mile east of Pine Hills Road and circumvents the Pine Hills main line Toll Plaza. Toll booths still levy a fee to departing motorists independent of the main barrier. Pine Hills Road intersects Florida 50 (Colonial Drive) one quarter mile north of Florida 408 Toll at Pine Hills. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Westbound mileage sign referencing the western terminus at Florida's Turnpike and connections to Ocoee and Winter Garden. This was removed due to construction of the new toll plaza. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Just west of Pine Hills Road is the Exit 5 diamond interchange with Florida 435 (Kirkman Road). Kirkman Road joins Florida 50 (Colonial Drive) with Universal Orlando and the Lockheed Martin plant south of Florida 482 (Sand Lake Road). Florida 435 follows all of Kirkman Road between Florida 482 and 50. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Exit 5 leaves Florida 408 Toll westbound for Florida 435 (Kirkman Road). Florida 435 south serves the Orlo Vista and Metro West communities of west Orlando. Universal Studios lies west of the Kirkman Road intersection with Major Boulevard, opposite the interchange with Interstate 4. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Continuing west, Florida 408 Toll next meets Hiawassee Road at Exit 4. Hiawassee Road meanders southward to Orlo Vista and Metro West to its end at Orange County 439 (Conroy-Windermere Road). Photo taken 12/19/03.
Florida 408 Toll passes under Paul Avenue and Powers Drive ahead of the Exit 4 diamond interchange with Hiawassee Road. Hiawassee Road, like John Young Parkway, also comprises a busy north-south arterial. Heading north, the road gains the designation Orange County 435 from between Florida 50 (Colonial Drive) and Florida 438 (Silver Star Road). Hiawassee Road continues beyond Silver Star Road toward Clarcona and Apopka. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Drivers bound for Hiawassee Road leave Florida 408 Toll westbound at Exit 4. Hiawassee Road intersects Silver Star Road in 1.75 miles and U.S. 441 in seven miles. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Just three miles west of the new Pine Hills main line Toll Plaza is the Hiawassee main line Toll Plaza. Here all passenger vehicles are levied a 50 cent toll. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Exit 2 joins Florida 408 Toll with Good Homes Road at the Exit 2 parclo interchange. Recently upgraded from just a half-diamond interchange, new ramps provide access to westbound Florida 408 Toll and from eastbound Florida 408 Toll. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Approaching Lake Sherwood on Florida 408 Toll before construction. Motorists bound for Florida 429 Toll (Daniel Webster Western Beltway) are advised to take Florida 408 Toll west onto Florida's Turnpike north to reach the western beltway. This sign was moved further west due to construction (see photo below). Photo taken 12/19/03.
Florida 408 Toll skims southern reaches of Lake Sherwood ahead of the Exit 2 ramp departure to Good Homes Road. Construction recently widened this stretch to six lanes. Good Homes Road travels north from parallel Old Winter Garden Road to Florida 438 (Silver Star Road). Photo taken 12/19/03.
Westbound at the Exit 2 off-ramp to Good Homes Road on Florida 408 Toll. Good Homes Road serves eastern reaches of Ocoee via connections with Old Winter Garden Road, Florida 50 (Colonial Drive), White Road, and Florida 438 (Silver Star Road). Photo taken 12/19/03.
The last two exits of Florida 408 Toll join the East-West Expressway with Florida 50 (Colonial Drive) directly via Clarke Road and Florida's Turnpike at the western terminus. Photo taken 12/19/03.
A wye interchange connects Florida 408 Toll with its original spur to Florida 50 (Colonial Drive) at Exit 1. Clarke Road stems north from the spur to West Oaks Mall and Ocoee. Florida 50 continues west through south Ocoee to Winter Garden. Photo taken 12/19/03.
The Florida 429 Toll sign moved from Sherwood Lake. Florida's Turnpike travels two miles west from the merge with Florida 408 Toll to a stack interchange with the Daniel Webster Western Beltway. Florida 429 Toll travels north to Apopka and south to Walt Disney World and Interstate 4 in Osceola County. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Westbound at the split with Exit 1 (original Florida 408 Toll) to Florida 50 (West Colonial Drive) and Clarke Road north. Florida 50 comprises a commercialized arterial through south Ocoee and Winter Garden. A direct interchange between Colonial Drive and Florida's Turnpike exists two miles to the west. Photo taken 12/19/03.
End Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA) trailblazer posted between Exit 1 and the Old Winter Garden Road overpass. Florida's Turnpike maintains the final mile of Florida 408 Toll. Attached to the overpass is a Florida's Turnpike north one mile sign. Originally a wye interchange forced drivers onto Florida's Turnpike northbound from Florida 408 Toll westbound. That interchange was upgraded in 2006, providing full access between the two toll roads. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Florida 408 Toll westbound ends at a nearly stacked tri-level directional interchange. The ramp to Florida's Turnpike south was added in 2006 and replaces the need for the planned Turnpike interchange at Hiawassee Road. Photo taken 01/11/08 Photo taken 04/28/08.

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