Florida 366

State Road 366 joins Florida 263 (Capital Circle Southwest) with Florida 61 (Monroe Street) in the city of Tallahassee. Florida 366 follows Pensacola Street west from Doak Campbell Stadium and a combination of St. Augustine Road / Madison Street east and Pensacola Street west from the State Capitol Building through Florida State University's campus.

Florida 366 east
Florida 366 (Pensacola Street) eastbound departs its intersection with Florida 20 (Blountstown Highway) and continues Pensacola Street eastward toward downtown Tallahassee. Photo taken 12/11/07.
A two-lane bridge carries Florida 366 (Pensacola Street) over the CSX Railroad line between Florida 20 and Century Park Drive. Photo taken 12/11/07.
East of the CSX underpass, Pensacola Street intersects Progress Drive. Progress Drive leads north to Tallahassee Community College. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Appleyard Drive, a north-south arterial, meets Florida 366 (Pensacola Street) at the southeast corner of the Tallahassee Community College campus. The four-lane divided highway begins at Jackson Bluff Road to the south and ends at the Mission Road intersection with U.S. 90 (Tennessee Street) to the north. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Signalized intersections lie along Florida 366 (Pensacola Street) at Dupree Street south and White Drive north. Following those are the traffic lights at Ausley Road, a north-south through street between Pensacola Street and Jackson Bluff Road at Palmer Monroe Park. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Following Ausley Road is the intersection with Ocala Road. Ocala Road travels north from Bellevue Way to U.S. 90 (Tennessee Street), San Luis Mission Park, and junction Leon County 158 (Tharpe Street). Photo taken 12/11/07.
Florida 366 (Pensacola Street) sinks toward Florida State University campus from signalized intersections with Lipona Road and Chapel Drive north. Florida's State Capitol Building rises along the eastern horizon as Pensacola Street nears Stadium Drive. Photo taken 12/11/07.

Stadium Drive north links Florida 366 (Pensacola Street) with U.S. 90 (Tennessee Street). Florida 366 otherwise turns southward along Stadium Drive to circumvent Doak Campbell Stadium. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Pensacola Street widens to four eastbound lanes at Stadium Drive. Pensacola Street used to continue through the FSU Campus to Chieftan Way and Dunwoody Street. Doak Campbell Stadium and Howser Baseball Stadium stand in the way now. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Stadium Drive consists of a six-lane divided arterial as it carries Florida 366 eastward to Florida 371 (Bradford Road). Photo taken 12/11/07.
Doak Campbell Stadium is the home of the Florida State University Seminoles football team. Built in 1950, several expansions over the years have ballooned capacity from 15,000 to 82,300 in 2003. A crowd of 84,336 attended the 2003 game versus the Miami Hurricanes! Photo taken 12/11/07.
Hendry Street provides the main access to Doak Campbell Stadium from Stadium Drive. Hendry Street ties into Florida 366 from Jackson Bluff Road to the southwest. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Continuing around the bend of Stadium Drive, Florida 366 prepares to turn northward at Florida 371 (Bradford Road). Photo taken 12/11/07.
Florida 366 turns northward onto East Stadium Drive en route to St. Augustine Road east and downtown Tallahassee. Gaines Street stems east from West Stadium Drive at Lake Bradford Road as Florida 371. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Although not signed at this intersection, Florida 371 turns eastward from Lake Bradford Road north to Gaines Street east. The state road parallels Florida 366's St. Augustine Road alignment east to Florida 61 (Monroe Street). Photo taken 12/11/07.
Curving northward, Florida 366 (East Stadium Drive) approaches the eastward turn onto St. Augustine Road. St. Augustine Road and Pensacola Street constitute a one-way couplet of Florida 366 between East Stadium Drive and Florida 61 (Monroe Street). Photo taken 12/11/07.
East Stadium Drive continues one block north to Jefferson Street and Pensacola Street (Florida 366 west) beyond the split with Florida 366 east. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Florida 366 (St. Augustine Road) east next meets Florida 157 (Woodward Avenue). Florida 157 travels just 0.41 miles between Florida 371 (Gaines Street) and Tradition Way on the FSU Campus. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Florida 157 shield posted at the St. Augustine Road intersection with Woodward Avenue. Florida 157 used to continue all the way to U.S. 90 (Tennessee Street) on the north edge of the FSU Campus. 2006-07 revamping of the campus road network severed Woodward Avenue between new Traditions Way (former Park Avenue) and new Varsity Drive. Photo taken 12/11/07.
A pair of reassurance shields line St. Augustine Road eastbound as the highway leaves Woodward Avenue. The two-lane street enters a residential area on the south side of FSU. Photos taken 12/11/07.
Florida 366 (St. Augustine Road) eastbound at Copeland Street and the FSU Conference Center. Copeland Street heads north from Madison Street through FSU Campus to U.S. 90 (Tennessee Street). Photo taken 12/11/07.
St. Augustine Road veers southward between Copeland and Macomb Streets to the Donald L. Tucker Leon County Civic Center. Railroad Street crosses paths with Florida 366 at the civic center parking area, continuing Wahnish Way northward from Florida A&M University to Macomb Street and Old Bainbridge Road. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Florida 366 transitions seamlessly from St. Augustine Road to Madison Street south of the Leon County Civic Center. Madison Street carries three eastbound lanes toward the State Capitol. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Bronough Street flows southward across Florida 366 (Madison Street) from the Supreme Court building to Florida 371 (Gaines Street) in one block. South of Gaines Street, Bronough Street carries Florida 363 through to its merge with Duval Street. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Duval Street constitutes the Bronough Street counterpart of Florida 363 northbound to Florida 371 (Gaines Street). North of Gaines, Duval Street continues to the Florida State Capitol Building and Tallahassee City Hall. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Two blocks east of Duval Street is the eastern terminus of Florida 366 (Madison Street) at Florida 61 (Monroe Street). Photo taken 12/11/07.
Florida 366 concludes at Florida 61 (Monroe Street). Madison Street is discontinuous between Monroe and Calhoun Streets with the Holland Building occupying the space in between. Florida 61 south leads toward U.S. 319 and Crawfordville. Northbound Florida 61 follows Monroe Street to U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) and Thomasville Road. Photo taken 12/11/07.
Florida 366 west
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