Florida 123

Florida 123 north
Florida 123 commences its 4.92-mile drive from Florida 85 near Okaloosa Regional Airport. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Passing over Tom's Creek within 1.5 miles of Florida 123's beginning. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Passing lanes are provided in each direction on the otherwise two-lane highway. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 123 spans Turkey Creek in the distance of this northbound scene. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Approaching Florida 85 and the north end of Florida 123. Photo taken 10/31/08.
State Road 123 used to end at a T intersection with State Road 85 northwest of Niceville. Upgrades made here included the addition of a flyover from SR 123 north to SR 85 north. SR 85 provides a four-lane divided highway with a 65 mph speed limit throughout the northern reaches of Eglin Air Force Base. Photo taken 10/31/08.

Florida 123 south
Florida 123 begins its 4.92-mile trek southward. The two-lane highway is designated the Roger J. Clary Highway. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Descending toward Florida 123's crossing of Turkey Creek in Eglin Air Force Base. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Nearing Florida 85 again on Florida 123 south at its end. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Florida 85 travels east to Okaloosa Regional Airport nearby and Valparaiso. Southward the state road continues to the Air Armament Center of Elgin Air Force Base, Shalimar, and Ft. Walton Beach. Photo taken 12/01/08.

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