Florida 85 Southbound

Florida 85 South
Florida 85 travels southwest from Okaloosa County 85A (2nd Avenue) in Laurel Hill. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Okaloosa County 602 loops west from Florida 85 to Okaloosa County 2 near Oak Grove. The highway travels 5.23 miles between its endpoints. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Continuing south from Okaloosa County 602 at Almarante on Florida 85. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Unsigned Okaloosa County 2 travels east from Florida 85 along Millside Road. Okaloosa County 2 west departs Florida 85 nearby toward Oak Grove, Blackwater River State Forest, and Florida 189. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Southbound Florida 85 at Okaloosa County 2 west. The route travels 9.43 miles to its end at Blackman. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Florida 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) southbound in downtown Crestview near its junction with U.S. 90 (James Lee Boulevard). Ferdon Boulevard is the main north-south arterial through the Okaloosa County town. Florida 85 travels 2.6 miles from U.S. 90 to junction Interstate 10. Photo taken 05/31/04.
Crossing the Hayward T. Hayes overpass of Florida 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) southbound over the CSX Railroad line. Accompanying the bridge is an Interstate 10 trailblazer and mileage sign for Niceville and the military town of Fort Walton Beach. Photo taken 05/31/04.

Ferdon Boulevard turns from a southeasterly trajectory to a southward one on the approach to Redstone Drive. The state route widens from four to five lanes in anticipation of the commercialized stretch between Redstone Drive and the diamond interchange with Interstate 10. Photo taken 05/31/04.
Entering the interchange with Interstate 10 at Crestview on Florida 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) southbound. Pensacola lies 39 miles to the west at the Exit 17 interchange on Escambia Bay's western shore. Drivers using the eastbound ramp will reach the capital city of Tallahassee in 139 miles. Photo taken 05/31/04.
Florida 85 widens into what is more or less a four-lane expressway as it leaves Crestview and enters Eglin Air Force Base. Pictured here is the Cox Bridge across the Shoal River as the state road enters the military reservation. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Typical scene along Florida 85 southbound within Eglin A.F.B. The rural like highway carries a 65 mph speed limit as it only intersects military roads on the drive between Crestview and Niceville. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Florida 293 Toll trailblazer posted along Florida 85 south as nears the Niceville area. The Mid-Bay Bridge carries Florida 293 across Choctawhatchee Bay between Seminole and Destin and is accessible via Florida 20 east from Florida 85. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Approaching the southbound beginning of Florida 123 (Roger J. Clary Highway) south on Florida 85 within Eglin A.F.B. Florida 123 provides a bypass of Niceville and Valparaiso for Florida 85 travelers destined to Shalimar and Ft. Walton Beach. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Guide sign directing motorists to Ft. Walton Beach via Florida 123 south and Destin via the Mid-Bay Bridge. Florida 85 enters Niceville and Valparaiso to the southeast, meeting Florida 20 (John Sims Parkway) in the process. Florida 123 ends at Florida 85 near Okaloosa Regional Airport. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Florida 123 south to Florida 85 also provides a direct route to Hurlburt Field (via Florida 189 and 393 south) and the Air Armament Center of Elgin A.F.B. via Florida 189 east. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Florida 123 splits from Florida 85 and travels 4.92 miles to its southern terminus. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Spanning Garnier Bayou between the Town of Shalimar and unincorporated Okaloosa County on Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) southbound. Photo taken 10/31/08.
The Garnier Bayou Bridge carries six overall lanes with a bicycle/pedestrian path. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Almost immediately west of Garnier Bayou is the westbound beginning of Florida 188 (Racetrack Road). Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 188 links Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) with Ocean City and the northern reaches of Ft. Walton Beach before ending at Florida 189 (Beal Parkway) near Wright. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Crossing the Cinco Bridge between a portion of Ft. Walton Beach and the Cinco Bayou community. Like the Garnier Bayou Bridge, this span also carries six lanes with provisions for bikes/pedestrians. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Yacht Club Drive intersects Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) just south of Cinco Bayou. The road links Eglin Parkway with Florida 189 (Beal Parkway) to the west and Ferry Road to the east. Okaloosa County 85A followed the road west at one point. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Southbound reassurance marker posted within the unincorporated Cinco Bayou community. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Hughes Street crosses Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) on the north side of Uptown Station shopping center between Beal Parkway and the Elliot's Point area. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Walter Martin Road provides a cut-off to Florida 189 (Beal Parkway) south to U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway) west. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Continuing south, Florida 85 travels amid a sea of asphalt with shopping centers and commercial establishments lining both sides of Eglin Parkway. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Hospital Drive connects Florida 85 with the Okaloosa County Health Department. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Hollywood Boulevard meets Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) next. The east-west through street heads to Choctawhatchee Bay eastward and Mary Esther westward. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Entering downtown Ft. Walton Beach, Florida 85 enters its final half mile before splitting to U.S. 98. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Florida 145 (not signed here) begins and heads southward 0.51 miles along Perry Avenue to U.S. 98. 4th Street ties into the intersection from the west. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 85 partitions into branches to east and west U.S. 98 before ending. Photo taken 10/31/08.
The mainline of Florida 85 defaults onto U.S. 98 east toward Destin. A single lane carries drivers onto Miracle Strip Parkway west to City Hall and Mary Esther. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Drivers using the west branch of Florida 85 south still can access U.S. 98 eastbound at the intersection with Brooks Street. Brooks Street parallels Miracle Strip Parkway east to the R.T. Brooks Bridge over Santa Rosa Sound. Photo taken 10/31/08.

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