Florida 85 Northbound

Florida 85 North
Florida 85 curves northwest from Hollywood Boulevard through the intersection with Hospital Drive. Hospital Drive leads to the Okaloosa County Health Department. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Walter Martin Road joins Florida 85 (Elgin Parkway) with parallel Florida 189 (Beal Parkway) to the west. East of the traffic light is the Uptown Station shopping complex. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Hughes Street travels west also to Florida 189 and east to the Elliot Point residential area of Ft. Walton Beach. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Series B font is used on this Florida 85 reassurance shield posted as Elgin Parkway leaves Ft. Walton Beach and enters unincorporated Cinco Bayou. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Yacht Club Drive, former Okaloosa County 85A to the west, intersects Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) just south of Cinco Bayou. The road provides direct access to Florida 189 (Beal Parkway) the west and Ferry Road, near the Ft. Walton Beach Yacht Club, to the east. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) reenters the city of Ft. Walton Beach north of the Cinco Bridge over Cinco Bayou. Photos taken 12/08/08.
South Street heads west from Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) to Pocahontas Drive within unincorporated Ocean City. Photo taken 10/31/08.

Meeting Florida 85 at the next traffic light is Florida 188 (Racetrack Road) west. Florida 188 serves Ocean City and northern reaches of Ft. Walton Beach. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 188 begins and heads 2.58 miles west to the intersection of Florida 189 (Beal Parkway) and Hurlburt Road near the community of Wright. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 85 curves eastward toward the Garnier Bayou crossing into Shalimar. Photo taken 10/31/08.
A six-lane span carries Eglin Parkway into the town limits of Shalimar. Shalimar incorporated in 1947 and was developed initially by Clifford Meigs as a community of military housing. 738 call the town home. Photos taken 10/31/08.
Shalimar Drive north and Cherokee Road south intersect Florida 85 (Eglin Parkway) at the first Shalimar traffic light. Both roads serve adjacent residential areas. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Old Ferry Road ties into Florida 85 as its northward turn through the Shalimar commercial district. Old Ferry Road spurs southward to Garnier Bayou, opposite the Ferry Road in Ft. Walton Beach. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 85 travels west of the Eglin A.F.B. Air Armament Center between Florida 189 and Florida 123. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Much of the five-mile drive to Niceville is rural in nature due to Eglin Air Force Base. Crestview is a 24-mile drive northward with the Florida 123 bypass. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 123 provides a direct route to Florida 85 north of both Niceville and Valparaiso. The route only carries two overall lanes, but is not developed. Photo taken 10/31/08.
A lengthy left-hand turn lane handles the queue for motorists turning onto Florida 123 northbound from Florida 85. This intersection should also be upgraded to an interchange. Photo taken 10/31/08.
The third in a series of Florida 123 prefacing the intersection with the 4.92-mile bypass route. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 123 and Florida 85 provide a direct route to Exit 56 of Interstate 10 in Crestview. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 85 heads east at the northbound beginning of Florida 123. Okaloosa Regional Airport lies nearby. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 85 northbound bypasses the traffic signal with Florida 123's north end as pylons segregate the turning movements. Photo taken 10/31/08.
McWhorter Avenue spurs northeast from Florida 85 to Auxiliary Field Number 3 / Duke Field in northern Eglin A.F.B. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Northbound Florida 85 spans the Cox Bridge over the Shoal River and enters the city of Crestview. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Antioch Road meanders west from Florida 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) through expanding areas of southwest Crestview. The road carries the designation of Okaloosa County 4, a route leading 5.6 miles west to U.S. 90 outside of the city. No signage exists however along the entire westbound direction of Antioch Road for Okaloosa County 4. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Drivers continue north along Ferdon Boulevard from Okaloosa County 4 (Antioch Road) through south Crestview. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Riverwood Drive and Export Road come together at the second traffic light of Crestview along Florida 85 north. The signal primarily serves an adjacent apartment complex. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Interstate 10 comes into view along Florida 85 amid of myriad of traveler-based services. Photo taken 10/31/08.
A standard diamond interchange (Exit 56) facilitates the movements between Florida 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) and Interstate 10. Interstate 10 leads west 43 miles to Interstate 110 at Pensacola and 143 miles east to Tallahassee. Photo taken 10/31/08.
Florida 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) trudges northward through a series of big box retail stores and travel services from Interstate 10 toward downtown Crestview. Photo taken 08/07/06.
Redstone Drive crosses Florida 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) at this signalized intersection. The road provides the main access point to the large Rolling Pines subdivision to the east. Photo taken 08/07/06.
Florida 85 curves northwest along Ferdon Boulevard into downtown Crestview. Meeting the arterial is Main Street and Cane Avenue in this scene. Photo taken 08/07/06.
Ferdon Boulevard parallels Main Street one block eastward from Cane Avenue northward to U.S. 90 (James Lee Boulevard). Crestview's Amtrak station resides between the two streets at Railroad Avenue. Photo taken 08/07/06.
Shifting northeastward, Florida 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) approaches U.S. 90 (James Lee Boulevard). U.S. 90 carries four overall lanes throughout Crestview, but is not as traveled as Florida 85 is. Photo taken 08/07/06.
Northbound Florida 85 at U.S. 90 (James Lee Boulevard). U.S. 90 travels a rural route outside of Crestview, linking the city with Milligan and Holt to the west and Deerland to the east. Photo taken 08/07/06.

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