Florida 77

Florida 77 South
Continuing south on Florida 77 from junction Florida 20 in the Sand Hills area of north Bay County. Photo taken 11/27/06.
14 miles separate Florida 77 from the next incorporated city, that of Lynn Haven along North Bay. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Bay County 388 ties into Florida 77 from Bennett to the east along Florida 77 south near Vicksburg. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Bay County 388 arcs 15.2 miles east to U.S. 231 at Youngstown. An implied overlap exists along Florida 77 south to Vicksburg. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 77 reassurance marker posted between the intersections with Bay County 388. Photo taken 11/27/06.
A trailblazer for Bay County 388 west follows the Florida 77 southbound shield. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Interests along Bay County 388 west to West Bay and junction Florida 79 depart Florida 79 at the settlement of Vicksburg. Photo taken 11/27/06.

A set of traffic lights are in place at the Bay County 388 westbound departure from Florida 77 south. Midway along the 12.3 miles road west is the 1,300 acre construction site of the new Panama City - Bay County International Airport. Work is underway as of 2008 on a facility that is hoped to be completed by winter 2010. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 77 continues six miles from Vicksburg to Lynn Haven. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Curving southeast toward Southport, Florida 77 next meets Bay County 2300. Bay County 2300 is not officially recognized as a county road by FDOT, but is signed. The county road spurs west to the Gulf Power Lansing Smith Power Plant. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Southbound Florida 77 at the westbound beginning of Bay County 2300. Bay County 2300 meanders through undeveloped land north of West Bay before ending at Roman Road near the aforementioned plant. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Approaching the unincorporated community of Southport along Florida 77 south. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 77 nears the north end of Bay County 2302 (Bridge Street) within the community of Southport. Bay County 2302 traveled west along Bridge Street to Liberty Avenue, an alignment since bypassed with a new alignment and intersection north of Southport Elementary School. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Bay County 2302 spans northern reaches of Fanning Bayou as a 1.1-mile spur. The new alignment provides a direct route to Florida 77 north of the Bridge Street alignment, which meets Florida 77 south of the Higginbotham Branch crossing. Photo taken 11/27/06.
The next intersection represents the west end of Bay County 2321. Bay County 2321 meanders southeast 6.1 miles to junction U.S. 231 at College Station in Cedar Grove. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 77 south at Bay County 2321 east. The county road provides one of two routes across North Bay between Panama City and northern Bay County. Connections with Bay County 3031 lead to Resota Beach. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Drivers curve southwest from Bay County 2321 toward north Lynn Haven at Mill Point. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Lynn Haven's city limits include a swath of land at the southbound approach to the Bailey Bridge over North Bay. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 77 spans North Bay on a four-lane low level bridge toward downtown Lynn Haven. The former Florida 77 bridge remains in use to the east as a fishing pier. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Three blocks south of 9th Street (unsigned Bay County 390A), Florida 77 (Ohio Avenue) meets the west end of Bay County 389 (East 12th Street). Photo taken 11/27/06.
Bay County 389 travels East 12th Street to the city line near McCain Creek before turning south to junction Bay County 390. Bay County 389 leads south from there to junction Florida 389 (North East Avenue) at U.S. 231 in Cedar Grove. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 77 shield posted after Bay County 389. Ohio Avenue consists of a five-lane arterial through central Lynn Haven. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Next in line for southbound Florida 77 drivers is the intersection with 14th Street. Bay County 390 (East 14th Street) leads east from Ohio Avenue to Mill Bayou in east Lynn Haven and U.S. 231 at College Station. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 390 continues 14th Street west to Tennessee Avenue south through west Lynn Haven. The state road continues to north Panama City and Panama City Bay County International Airport. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 77 (Lynn Haven Parkway) enters the city of Panama City south of the intersection with unsigned Bay County 2312 (Baldwin Road). Photo taken 11/27/06.
Junction Florida 368 shield posted ahead of the Florida 77 intersection with East 23rd Street. Florida 368 constitutes a four-lane arterial between U.S. 231 and U.S. 98 near the Hathaway Bridge. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 368 provides a bypass route of U.S. 98 for interests between U.S. 231 and Springfield to the Hathaway Bridge into Panama City Beach. The state road consists of a commercial arterial through much of the trek however, with Panama City Mall occupying the southeast corner with Florida 77. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard carries Florida 77 south from Florida 368 (East 23rd Street). Photo taken 11/27/06.
U.S. 231 enters its intersection with Florida 77 from Cedar Grove and Hiland Park to the northeast on a southwest trajectory to downtown Panama City. The federal highway carries four overall lanes northward to Interstate 10 at Cottondale. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Florida 77 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) widens to accommodate a concrete or decorative median between U.S. 231 and U.S. 98 Business. Photo taken 11/27/06.
Nearing the junction with U.S. 98 (East 15th Street) on Florida 77 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) south. East 15th Street consists of a busy commercial arterial through Panama City, leading U.S. 98 to Drake Avenue at St. Andrews. Photo taken 11/27/06.
U.S. 98 (East 15th Street) continues east to Cedar Grove (junction Florida 389), Springfield, and Callaway on the drive to Tyndall A.F.B. and Gulf County. U.S. 98 west joins Panama City with Panama City Beach, Destin, and Fort Walton Beach. Photo taken 11/27/06.

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