State Road 61 - Tallahassee

State Road 61 travels northward from Wakulla County into downtown Tallahassee, merging with U.S. 27 at the Florida State Capitol building. Within the city, Florida 61 generally travels a busy commercial arterial. South of the split with U.S. 319 however, the route is somewhat rural. North of the city, Florida 61 shadows U.S. 319 as its hidden counterpart from the merge with Capital Circle Northeast to the Georgia state line.

Florida 61 north
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U.S. 27 & Florida 61 south
U.S. 27 southbound reassurance marker, devoid of its companion Florida 61 shield. Photo taken 12/31/06.
U.S. 27 & Florida 61 (Monroe Street) southbound at Brevard Street, an east-west through street leading to Old Bainbridge Road (Leon County 0361) and U.S. 90 (West Tennessee Street) at the FSU Alumni Center. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Midrise building of the Tallahassee central business district rise along U.S. 27 & Florida 61 (Monroe Street) southbound as the tandem intersect Georgia Street. Georgia Street leads west to Carter Howell Strong Park and east to Meridian Street. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Continuing into the Tallahassee CBD at Carolina Street on U.S. 27 & Florida 61 (Monroe Street) south. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Monroe Street southbound at Virginia Street. Virginia Street heads east to the Meridian Street split with Miccosukee Road. Miccosukee Road eventually becomes a part of Leon County 0347 on its trek to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Junction U.S. 90 shield posted ahead of the U.S. 27 & Florida 61 (Monroe Street) southbound intersection with Tennessee Street. U.S. 90 west serves interests to Florida State University. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Unisigns posted above U.S. 27 & Florida 61 (Monroe Street) southbound at U.S. 90 (Tennessee Street). U.S. 90 acts as a long distance business loop of Interstate 10 from the Midway area to the west and the Killearn area of east Tallahassee. The highway primarily consists of a four to six lane commercialized arterial through the city. Photo taken 12/31/06.

Continuing south of U.S. 90, Florida 61 is again ignored on the U.S. 27 reassurance shield assembly. Call Street crosses paths with Monroe Street in the distance. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Park Avenue consists of a one-way street couplet between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Meridian Street. The parkway-like road is also a historic district that is home to the Knott House Museum, the new Tennyson condo tower, and the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Photo taken 12/31/06.
The intersection of U.S. 27 & Florida 61 (Monroe Street) and College Avenue is a little reminiscent of New Orleans with street side architecture. College Avenue ventures westward to the Wescott Building of FSU at Copeland Street. Photo taken 12/31/06.
U.S. 27 & Florida 61 prepare to split at the Monroe Street intersection with Apalachee Parkway east. Also in the mix is the westbound beginning of Florida 366 (Jefferson Street / Pensacola Street). Florida 366 follows a one-way street couplet between Stadium Drive at Doak Campbell Stadium and Monroe Street. Photo taken 12/31/06.
U.S. 27 and Florida 61 part ways in the shadow of the Florida State Capitol complex. U.S. 27 follows the four lane Apalachee Parkway eastward to Capps in Jefferson County. Florida 61 continues Monroe Street south to Gaile Avenue and the hand off between Florida 363 from Crawfordville Road. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Florida 61 south
Florida 61 reassurance marker posted beyond the split with U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) at the Florida State Capitol building in downtown Tallahassee. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Florida 366 follows Madison Street east from the Leon County Civic Center and St. Augustine Road to its end at junction Florida 61 (Monroe Street). Photo taken 12/31/06.
One block south of Florida 366's east end is the joint end of Florida 371 from the west and Leon County 1555 from the east. Leon County 1555 follows Gaines Street east three blocks to Meridian Street at Cascade Park and the Korean War Memorial. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Leon County 1555 travels just 0.4 miles between Florida 61 (Monroe Street) and the Franklin Boulevard split with Lafayette Street. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Florida 371 meanwhile carries Gaines Street west to junction Florida 366 (East Stadium Drive) at Lake Bradford Road and Doak Campbell Stadium. The state highway meanders southwest to Florida 263 (Capitol Circle Southwest) near Lake Hiawatha. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Descending from the downtown Tallahassee area toward the CSX Railroad underpass near Bloxham Street. Photo taken 12/31/06.
The CSX Railroad is the lone active railroad line through the city of Tallahassee. The line meanders eastward along U.S. 90 to Jefferson County and westward through industrial areas of southwest Tallahassee. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Oakland Avenue provides direct access from Florida 61 (Monroe Street) westward to Florida A&M University via FAMU Way. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Florida 363 (Adams Street) draws to within one block west of Florida 61 (Monroe Street) near Florida A&M University. The two state roads parallel one another southward to Gaile Avenue. Pictured here is the signalized intersection with Palmer Avenue, an east-west street linking the two highways with the college campus and Capital City Country Club. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Southbound reassurance shield posted for Florida 61 on Monroe Street at Kestner Street. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Nearing the intersection with Magnolia Drive (former Leon County 265) on Florida 61 (Monroe Street) south. Leon County 265 used to follow Magnolia Drive northward along its arc between Monroe Street and U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway). Photo taken 12/31/06.
Leon County 265 was likely decommissioned due to the residential nature of Magnolia Drive on its northeastward alignment to U.S. 27. Magnolia Road however upgrades to Florida 265 between Apalachee Parkway and Leon County 0347 (Miccosukee Road). Photo taken 12/31/06.
Continuing a short distance south of Magnolia Drive, Florida 61 (Monroe Street) approaches junction Leon County 373 (Orange Avenue). While not signed here, Orange Avenue carries the state road designation of Florida 373 west to Florida 371 (Lake Bradford Road). Photo taken 12/31/06.
Florida 373 appears at the Monroe Street intersection with Orange Avenue. Leon County 373 was recently widened to a four-lane highway on its drive east to Blair Stone Road. Orange Avenue is planned to extend eastward to U.S. 319 (Capital Circle Southeast) and the Southwood community. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Florida 61 (Monroe Street) continues south from Florida 373 west & Leon County 373 east (Orange Avenue). Monroe Street consists of a four-lane divided highway through to Paul Russell Road and the Leon County Fair Grounds. Photo taken 12/31/06.
South of Bass Street at Fire Station #2 is a Florida 61 reassurance marker. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Florida 61 and 363 switch sides at the Paul Russell Road connector between Adams and Monroe Streets. Florida 363 swaps places for its eventual turn onto Woodville Road to Woodville and St. Marks. Florida 61 continues Adams Street south to Crawfordville Road and junction U.S. 319. Photo taken 12/31/06.
Florida 61 southbound as its split with Monroe Street and merge with Florida 363 north. Florida 363 south continues to junction Leon County 259 (Tram Road) ahead. Florida 61 meanwhile veers southwest to its merge with U.S. 319 at Capital Circle Southwest. Paul Russell Road east leads toward Jack McLean Park and the fairly new Blairstone Road toward Southwood. Photo taken 12/31/06.

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