County Road 42

A primarily rural route, except through portions of south central Marion County, County Road 42 joins subdivisions south of Ocala with the Ocala National Forest east of Altoona. A few settlements line the route east of Altoona to its end at Florida 44 outside DeLand.

County Road 42 west
Lake County 42's first westbound shield, posted after the highway leaves Florida 44 near the St. Johns River and Volusia County. Photo taken 07/03/08.
Much of Lake County 42 straddles the Ocala National Forest through northern Lake County. Photo taken 07/03/08.
Typical scene along rural Lake County 42 near the community of Forest Hills. Photo taken 07/03/08.
A small grid of streets lie south along Lake County 42 through Forest Hills. Pictured here is the intersection with 10th Street. Photo taken 07/30/08.
Lake Kathryn and adjacent Paisley represent the most concentrated settlements along Lake County 42 west. Photo taken 07/30/08.
Outside of Lake Kathryn and adjacent Paisley, most of Lake County 42 is bound by forests and is lightly trafficked. Photo taken 07/03/08.
Just beyond Johnson's Corner is the Clearwater Lake Recreation Site of Ocala National Forest. Photo taken 07/30/08.

Nearing the north end of Lake County 439, a rural route leading south to Lake County 44A and Florida 44 outside of Eustis. Photo taken 07/03/08.
Lake County 439 resembles Lake County 42 with light traffic, forested frontage, and just a handful of homes. Photo taken 07/03/08.
Lake County 42 continues west, briefly touching Ocala National Forest again before reaching the town of Altoona. Photo taken 07/30/08.

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